Yamaha R1M YZF 2016 Relaunching the GP Cruise

Yamaha has confirmed the new availability of this exclusive model from October 1, the date on which the web r1m Yamaha  will be open to receive orders from a limited 2016 model, having exhausted in a few days Yamaha launched units this year.

The model cost 25,900 Euros this year, but the price of the 2016 YZR-R1M not yet known. The Yamaha YZF-R1M come next year with the same specifications as the 2015 model, but Yamaha and has advanced to introduce small modifications applied after the experience of the pilots during the 2015 season.

Yamaha R1M YZF 2016 Relaunching the GP Cruise
The R1M YZF-R1 adds standard, with exclusive equipment manufactured by Öhlins electronic suspension, carbon fairings style MotoGP M1 and a control unit with new wireless communications mapping. You can learn more about this model here. In addition, owners of this R1M will enjoy, once again, the Yamaha Racing Experience, to be held like last year in several European circuits with Yamaha staff and riders competing in various championships.
If the new Yamaha YZF-R1’s not enough and are distinguished tastes of the signing of the diapasiones has prepared for the most demanding circuit the Yamaha YZF-R1M. The most radical variant of the renewed R1 combines all the elements seen in version ‘access’ with others to get all the juice on the track. After exhausting in its edition 2015 Yamaha will relaunch the 2016 edition model with another limited edition. It may be booked from 1 October this link.
As you know there is no improvement on the ‘Crossplane’ engine of 200 horsepower, but the chassis and how to manage their electronic complex. Add standard R1:

  • Carbon fairings M1 style.
  • Öhlins electronic suspension racing (ERS).
  • Swingarm and magnesium rear sub frame.
  • 200 mm rear tire.

To all this we must add the ability to manage all telemetry wirelessly through a smartphone thanks to the control unit installed behind the seat and Yamaha Racing Experience program for the first buyers of the bike. Yamaha has announced a limited availability model, so do not expect it to be exactly accessible.

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