2016 Triumph Tiger 800 XRX

Because the trails are directed generally to persons of a size greater than 1.70, Triumph has announced the commercialization of “Low” version of the Tiger 800 XRX. With 50 mm seat height and less, it should convince more bikers …

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX 2016 Lower Version

You are too short on legs can fully enjoy a trail and you want to avoid heat stroke during calmly put the foot down?

So because the trail has to leave grasp for bikers of all sizes, Triumph began marketing his Triumph Tiger 800 XRX in its version “Low”. Understand by this that the seat height is reduced by 50 mm compared to the standard model. So instead of a height varying from 810-830 mm, Triumph Tiger offers a saddle XRX Low beginner to 760 mm high and 780 mm can climb if you wish.

It is also worth noting that the depreciation deflections are also reviewed and is equipped as standard with a brand new radiator protection, a specific aluminum housing protects, cruise control, with an ABS braking system, a traction control as well as several driving modes.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRX 2016 Lower Version

Sold at the same price as the standard version, ie € 11,390, the Triumph Tiger 800 XRX will be available in small quantities. It is measured not only come, It’s also the stories you bring with you and the Tiger 800 XR, no doubt that you will bring in!

With 19 alloy wheels “to the front, its adjustable Showa hydraulic shock absorber and its torquey engine three
cylinder 800 cc developing 95 hp, the XR is equally well suited to long adventures that daily use. It comes standard with an order of ride-by-wire gas for improved response and feel, the traction control system and the Triumph ABS
disconnectable. With the cycle-party to exploit every bit of torque developed by the three-cylinder engine and adjustable seat height, you have on hand the ideal machine to attack the day.

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