Suzuki GSX Concept Presenting in the Tokyo Motor Show

It’s not just Honda to anticipate the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, also the turn of Suzuki to let us glimpse, at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which will probably be the future GSX-R through its concept GSX …Suzuki GSX Concept Presenting in the Tokyo Motor Show

A little more than a year of formalizing the new GSX-R, Suzuki enjoys the 44th Tokyo Motor Show to give us a glimpse of what it might look through his GSX Concept …Suzuki also reveals the concepts that will be presented. The GSX Concept, the difference of Honda prototypes, more like a sculpture than a motorcycle itself, like the cocoon born sporting future of the firm Hammamatsu.

Expression of the essence of sporting 4-cylinder Suzuki GSX Concept is not a prototype but a symbol, a “cocoon” for GSX future as highlighted in the official press. Enough to arouse the interest before the Tokyo Motor Show and the Milan salon where expected, perhaps, new “real” GSX-R in 1000 and 250 cm3, for example, or a motor Recursion turbo …

Another look…

Far from being as complete as what was presented yesterday the firm with the winged emblem, the concept presented side Hamamatsu offers futuristic vision polystyrene? Of the Superbike brand which will be marketed in 2017. Then s it probably should not focus on the overall look of the set and forms globular, it is nevertheless important to ask his gaze on the optical front of the bike that too without being wrong, should be the same to that of the future GSX-R.

Finally, according to the manufacturer, this Suzuki GSX Concept is the “brand born of cocoon to every sporting future.” Understand by this that the GSX-R 600, 750 and 1000 are concerned. While awaiting confirmation, that the only information to put in the elbow at the moment. A little light, but still interesting … until the EICMA Milan?

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