Duel Kawasaki Versys 650 vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

Comparison: Over hill and Dale
In the series “mini accessible maxitrail versatile and from all points of view” he vintage 2015 stuff with the new Kawasaki Versys 650 and Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT. Even guidance has €8,000 tariff auteur, differences but that count: which is for you?

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT
Kawasaki Versys 650 and Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT, vintage 2015 are not real news, but developments within templates to having already done their also evidence. These two trails road mid-size adopt both own ergonomics and on each kind like the one the other one twin 650 cm3 to the equivalent performance. However, at first sight, they their pair distinguished designs to the opposite one another.


The Versys 650, extrapolated based bestseller of the ER-6 roadster, and uploaded a lift in deep and same time welcome her big sister to Versys 1000 2015. This “new look for a new life” is successful: the Kawasaki look is there, and aggressive Style, the taut lines of fairing fairings painted to the without excessive evoke performance. The Versys is presented here with hands pare-available option.
The V-Strom 650 for his part made no new skin and with the snowman retains the figure curves soft that it is known from 2011, the XT version parant still of a duck as his output V-Strom 1000 senior spout in 2014. She and WINS in personable, adopt Serial and hands and a motor shield-sabot. The fairing on the front black plastic is more rustic, but the price breaks of certainly less will rise. Contrary, coating seal of Kawa is not far from being at the bottom of range look wheelchair by the beautiful embroidered the Suzuki…In seal precisely!

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

Perched high enough seated at 835 mm for the V-Strom for the Versys 840, the other as remain it accessible to small stencils 1.65 m on with two spikes installing the feet on the ground). The Versys still more, it’s fine to being seal crotch and mutandis to the V-Strom offers one pretty wide cushion. Same for the arms, more tense South the V-Strom of the fact of a handlebar seal distance more important, shaped tank are adopting more elongated. This induces further a position on the front, while it remains very straight on the Versys.

The Kawasaki also them to foot Places a little further down, so it is less the slightly bent legs. If the Suzuki ‘ longer, seems massive, weight issue, is identical, nearest 1 kg: for the Versys 214, 215 for the V-Strom, all full facts, nothing unmanageable to the newspaper, the Versys with perhaps a center of gravity a little higher. The main prize in is complete, the Kawasaki is revealing perhaps a little more instinctive at first. Differences are dig in detailing geometries and cycles parts thereof…

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT
Geometry of CYCLE parts

Because it is that almost everything is played. The Versys resumes and frame mesh the overall geometry of the roadster ER-6, with suspensions to the largest travel course, the Versys since different and fork adjustable shipment reversed, rare at this level range. The Monoshock in lateral position has a wheel here for offset are adjustment, practice more than a key. In RIMS 17 inch tires 160 mm 120 and back to front, closed hunting at 25 ° angle: This makes more supermotard that trail.

The Suzsuki with its perimeter frame in aluminum are longer wheelbase almost 15 cm, are travel back more Important, its rims tubeless DID rays of which the front displays 19 inches, and its tires very sculpted, finer 110 front 150 rear above and pull clear to the trail road flanks. Side suspensions, standard content be it a fork protecting better but the tubes and boasts an also by adjustable damper remote dial. Where two different behaviors well. On the Versys found south liveliness of the roadster, handling increased with one by the large handlebar, and this side fun a good rigorous tad sports and the ER – 6. The V-Strom, incisive less, even shine are balance and stability subtract tires agile thanks to its purposes, sparing are circumstance and any battery in serene south des chemins de traverse is possible Presenter. There where the Kawasaki will point go ask her are erasers of voluntarily.

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

Both engines confirm, despite values their almost identical things below sheets bi him the Versys online a tiny climbed akin to editing of bumping a little less low-end, but nothing has lost his Joie de vivre in the first half of the lap counter, always offering consistent times. Drawings more short that the V-twin Suz, he says are player character, the handle and the ear.

The engine of the V-Strom, derived of Gladius, makes it smooth, but not least is effective. Indolence are natural, very nice on a daily basis and for casting serene driving, do not be whip refuses when needed. Flexible and docile, it offers for a nice sizeable extension cut the road; where its sound will preserve hearing pilot’s discretion comfort him. South long those trips, it is relaxing. The brakes are correspondingly: South powerful the Versys, with a mordant pronounced almost too likely ABS and sensitive assay especially at the back. Progressive or even very up front soft south Suz, with a rather spongy lever, thankfully offset by a more efficient pedal allowing to anticipate.

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

If the Suzuki does not win the concours d’Elegance of the last fashion shows, it is catches up on the side of comfort and protection. They windshield application tools to be certainly south set one of its three levels, but position them well protected median 1.75 m batteries of smaller without interfering with them. Preserve scoops wide better countries pare-legs and his hands are better integrated. The Passenger is particularly well received, broad-based with the handles ergonomic extension in the door – the original packet waiting are top case.

Duel Kawasaki Versys 650  vs Suzuki V-Strom 650 XT

The seal of the Kawasaki, not with less soft ware padding gel ready at least long journeys, passenger is and the highest perched. But on the Versys, handles passenger them are to receive thoughts suitcases “plug and play” like on the Z1000 SX 2014. Details include any tank saddlebags with magnets are metal Versys, practical adjustable windshield without tools and its adjustable clutch lever. South V-Strom, we enjoyed the engaged indicator report to the dashboard option on the Versys. Both by have instrumentation also legible and complete. Their tanks 21 l to the Kawasaki, 20 l for the Suzuki ‘ their autonomy allow comfortable about 330 km, for all their oscillating consumption in both of the surrounding 6 l / 100 km, with a benefit for the V-Strom Leger. With respect to maintenance, the Versys will move to the garage every 6000 km, a first game with the Valves 42 000 km.

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