Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept 2016

We know the Americans sensitive to the charm of Flat Track. It is therefore the most natural that Yamaha introduced his Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept at the show “American International Motorcycle Expo” in Orlando Florida.

The AIMExpo Motor Show Exhibition in Orlando has swing, is the main event for the market and u.s. trainers. Yamaha America subsidiary, through his race shop, commissioned Jeff Palhegyi has the complete Design concept dedicated to 60th anniversary of Yamaha. The idea has resulted in good us of a flat track that wants to be the first tribute to Kenny Roberts Station.Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept 2016

If this discipline which is the Flat Track struggling to penetrate the old continent and especially in France, in terms of the United States, it is almost a way of life. Yamaha took advantage of the show “American International Motorcycle Expo” (AMI Expo), which opened its doors yesterday in Orlando (Florida) to unveil its DT-07 Flat Track Concept, a work of designer Jeff Palhegyi …

Coeur d’MT-07

Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept thus takes the aesthetic and technical codes dictated by the discipline. The machine is low, long, with an impressive angle of hunting and skipping over the front brake system. It is broadly … For the rest, and as this is a concept, this machine has been designed from a motor unit Yamaha MT-07, namely a parallel twin 75 horses. She sees 60th anniversary colors, of a front wheel of 19 inch diameter and an exhaust line produced by Graves Motorsports.Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept 2016

Remains to be seen whether this concept made fly across the Atlantic. Still, if this were the case, Yamaha USA could well deliver some units …

The technical innovations it concern that engine was upgraded and equipped with a specially designed exhaust Graves Motorsports, the adoption of wheels from 19 inches the specialty requires, and new suspension the front brake and abolition of part of the electrical system. The slender one-piece superstructure, a simple review of the style flat track, they missed the Yamaha Coloring “speedblock” adopted on the motorcycle parked by the years of American fashion and returned for the special editions and series models on the occasion of the 60° anniversary that falls this year.Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept 2016

The DT-07 has also received a specially constructed frame by JPD, swingarm lengthened rectangular and drawn steel with adjustable FULCRUM, the fork, as amended, is that of an old R6 Ohlins TTX shock it is 36th the integral alloy wheels are manufactured Propulsion Labs.Yamaha DT-07 Flat Track Concept 2016

It parallel twin engine was revised level has tested, aspiration, conducted and management electronic ignition/injection, a programmable unit Yamaha last ZENTEC.

Difficult to envisage that there may be a conversion of this traffic concept. My something less radical who knows …

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