Zero FXS Motorcycles 2016

In parallel with the DSR, Zero Motorcycles announced the arrival in the range of FXS called Supermoto that invites us to walk into town and put gas on the circuits. Enticing is not it?
If, by viewing the video of the commercial FXS Zero, it sounds less fun than a good old Supermoto to engine and transmission mech, we must recognize that this new 2016 Zero Motorcycles American manufacturer seems to be well born.Zero FXS Motorcycles 2016

Two FXS or nothing!

Derived from the FX, this version S looks fast and agile immediately after the press release. With its near instantaneous torque of 9.7 mkg, the FXS Zero should not be stingy with sensations. Available in two versions, the wiser (FXS Zero 3.3) is announced to develop a power of 27 hp at 3700 rev / min and a weight of 114 kilos. If you opt for the 6.5 FXS, you are with 44 hp (at 3700 rpm always / min) for a weight of 133 kilos. Of course, there is also gaining autonomy since it goes from single to double by opting for the engine 6.5 kWh!

Zero FXS 2016 Motorcycles by Bikesdoctor

SM Power

With its 17-inch wheels with Pirelli Diablo Rosso mounted II, its inverted Showa fork Fully adjustable 41 mm diameter and equipped with Bosch ABS braking, the FXS Zero has all the attributes of a Supermotard machine. Posted at € 10,220 in version 3.3 and € 12,590 for the most powerful version 6.5, the new SM Zero Motorcycles will be available at the dealers in the month of November.

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