Mash 400 Scrambler Test 2016

Mash the brand never ceases to offer versions of its core models, with a reduced price as a constant and an aesthetic that sticks to fashion. The latest addition is a scrambler on the basis of the Five Hundred.

Mash 400 Scrambler Test 2016

The Scrambler 400 is developed on the basic engine and chassis of the Five Hundred. But there are of course changes: If the 2 in 1 Black is different from the line of the 400 basic, one could expect a top side exhaust, forcing scrambler, well no!
Scrambler door however a plate number and a cross chrome handlebar, equipped with rubber grips, and a smaller headlight equipped with a gate off-road. The diameter of 41 mm is fork bellows. There is scrambler! At the sitting, a tormented saddle is proposed.
The manufacturer has equipped the black rims teats tires ray which impose caution on fat Tar our cities and even on the pavement and topped them with black mudguards less enveloping than the basic.

So as in examin test Mash continue to expand its catalog of small-displacement bikes Vintage typed. Derived from the Five Hundred, the 400 Scrambler Mash surfs with a certain authority on the hipster wave that is echoed on the Basque coast at some “Wheels and Waves”, but for many it’s a way to drive different in our urban centers … but also for the ride of the weekend.
With its large handlebars and wheels shod with studded tires, the manufacturer boasted to us from the great escape: we did not spare, over hill and dale, and finish what is left of our illusions?

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