Kawasaki Z125 DNA Pocket-Bike 2016

The sales success of the last arrival Kawasaki Z800 and Kawasaki scooters segment with the J300 had been led to believe the clear viability of a Kawasaki Z125 urban style for the younger customer. Rumors have been translated into something tangible, the Kawasaki Z125 Pro 2016. Of course, much closer to the Honda MSX125 a KTM 125 Duke. However, at the moment it is not confirmed for Europe Market.

Kawasaki Z125 DNA Pocket-Bike 2016

This pocket-bike Kawasaki Z DNA comes with all the ingredients segment, 12-inch wheels, a single cylinder engine of 125 cc air-cooled electronic injection that does not squeeze the card A1 (9.5 hp) and a content weight of 102 kilos. Interestingly it comes with two types of change in the Kawasaki Z125 automatic and four-speed clutch in Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Clearly looking to seduce the largest possible number of young riders.

Kawasaki Z125 DNA Pocket-Bike 2016

Eye, even a modest performance Kawasaki has been careful with great care in all sections. Comes with 30mm inverted forks, preload adjustable rear suspension, disc brakes respectively 200 and 184 mm, seat height 780 mm from the floor, 7.4-liter tank, Ducati Panigale style exhaust under the engine to centralize masses, LED lights, digital analog instrumentation, protective keel …

A very nice Kawasaki would not contemplate produce at one time, but now in Asia there is much market for this type of bike. And Akashi is the most advanced available.

There is more to see how they have currado this promotional video to see it is an important model for them. And we expect the first scavenger hunts with her.

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