Kawasaki Z125 on the Tokyo Motor Show for Europe

When we introduced you to the Kawasaki Z125 and PRO earlier in the week, we did not know if the “mini Z” would put his wheels on European soil and information, we have …

Kawasaki Z125 on the Tokyo Motor Show for Europe

Presented at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, the Z125 and Z125 PRO Kawsaki will not have the opportunity to put their wheels on European soil. According to the French entity of Japanese manufacturer “It is a production model that will emerge on some Asian markets, it will not be distributed in Europe, taking into account among other of its small size and the fact that it meets the European standards. ”
Yesterday the web ignites around the presentation of a Kawasaki Z125 on the Tokyo Motor Show. This small urban bike comes directly compete with the Honda MSX 125 with a miniature size, so totally different from the equivalent of a potential 125 Duke. However, the manufacturer Akashi wanted to put the record straight by saying that, if the Tokyo show always reserves a lot of surprises, the latter we are not always intended. Thus, this model will be produced only for some Asian markets.

Kawasaki Z125 on the Tokyo Motor Show for Europe

The distribution will therefore not be in Europe mainly because of the size of the bike, but also and especially because of the fact that it does not meet European standards. Too bad for those who hoped to acquire this mini-Z next year. Mini motorcycle enthusiasts can always fall back on the MSX or go see the old classic good side like Dax and other Monkey.
That being said. So for those who saw themselves already riding this machine, they can always fall back on the Honda MSX125, against € 3,249 …

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