Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review

Here are some question ; What is for you a classic motorcycle? A motorcycle with wire wheels? A motorcycle look at recalling some historical models … Today, in the era of replica vintage, we do not know too how to turn. Yamaha XSR 700 fits in its own way, in the rising trend of neo retro.

Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review
However, this innovation is much talk and not always good, as demonstrated by the dedicated topic on the MS forums or our Facebook page. But already, Yamaha has managed the first stage of his bet: XSR plays on the emotional rope and attracts attention.

Between XS and SRX

After a long and exciting static display as an episode of Derrick, we could see some interesting slides, including one showing the relationship of the XSR XS 700 with the 650, but above its resemblance to the SRX 600, cafe racer cylinder 90s.

Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review
Then we could approach the bikes to detail the differences between essentially cosmetic XSR 700 and Yamaha MT-07: lighthouse, tank, loop back, tail light, handlebar, saddle … and above all discover different preparations compiled by Yamaha.
The XSR 700 of the German trainer Jens vom Brauck – recently responsible for the 1700 V-Max Infrared Built Yard – focuses attention. Yamaha thus proves that modern MT-07 can become an XSR 700, which may in turn become a XSR 700 Super Seven JVB.

MT for hipsters

Alarm clock to winter time, really autumn weather, I have only one jet helmet: never mind, it will do. Finally, we take orders from the Yamaha XSR 700. The saddle rises to 815 mm (10 mm more than the MT-07), but it remains easily accessible for less than 1.75m.
And then we instantly found the effect featherweight MT-07, although the additional four accused XSR 700 kilos or 186 kg fully fueled announced. This does not interfere with the engine off manipulations which are a formality.
All orders are flexible and the new handlebar turns out higher and wider, to adopt a posture to the hipster attitude, say to be right on board. Overall, the XSR 700 is more welcoming to the big guys MT-07, but no.

Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review

Lightweight, agile, clear

Contact, parallel twin 689 cm3 wakes up in the known sound of the MT-07. First, second, left turn, right turn, and you’re home! The XSR 700, if technically near the MT-07, could only be approached from a dynamic point of view, and that’s good!
From the outset, we find ease, evidence of grip and playfulness of this engine. Flexible, it resumes at 2000 or 2500 r / min without hiccups, before showing garni torque at low and midrange. This vertical twin pulls well on all the reports and the fiercest recognize its propensity to make the rear wheels of a simple flick of the clutch lever.
10 km later, we address a rolling portion speed drastically limited. On light throttle, I have time to see the world of tipping on board. It is wheelchair that is an increased awareness of the change of scenery thanks to long tank, the round counter moderately comprehensive but readable, off the handlebar … the charm starts to work.Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review

Twin sparkling, modern chassis

We follow the winding road book Yamaha at will, and we’re guessing the dry portions will become scarce. The rate increases until leaving rub gently footrest pins in the corners. The new Pirelli tire mounts specific Phantom satisfactory here with a bet on the corner quite fast.
The more rounded profile of the rear tire invites switch faster on the angle and also accompanies the more XSR 700 to the maximum angle. Riding in original Michelin admit more restraint to achieve maximum lean and watch more stable on moderate angle, but the Pirelli appear far more successful than the Ducati Sport Classic.
Italian manufacturer with well-reviewed chemistry of its tire and the constraints of weight and torque being lower, the XSR 700 adapts well to this specific mounts. In the first photo stop, the smiles are there. It’s simple, those who like the MT-07’s found, and those who do not know the discover in a new dress.

Yamaha XSR 700 Test and Review

Suspensions flexible and easy geometry

The rest of the day, we drive on sometimes very adherent wet roads and wet roads quite tricky. What observe safety offered by the ABS as standard, although its onset is of course not as thin as about € 20,000 motorcycles.
It is finally under these conditions that the chassis reveals its qualities: easy placement, the XSR 700 allows a steering improvisation with beautiful ease. In addition, its geometry forgiving. It is really an asset today, when the market is full of often very rigid bikes and bully forearms when addressing holes on the angle.
Here, the suspensions are flexible but consistent. In fact, the bike dives when braking, but we quickly assimilates and it is not a fatal flaw, especially as this bike is not designed to make the circuit, just have fun on road …
It is with this in mind that thinks that sparkling 75 horses, 68 Nm of torque and towing small 186 kilos are not far from being a winning alchemy. What good buy bigger, more powerful, techno and more expensive when you see how you can have fun with the XSR 700?

Test Appraisal:

From a dynamic perspective, the Yamaha 700 XSR hardly deserves praise: lightness, ease, agility, voluntary and far from cutesy its engine, it is a very very successful medium displacement.
Assembly in France, in the MBK-Yamaha plant in Saint-Quentin, the XSR 700 Euro4 be approved and equipped with ABS as standard. It will be sold € 7,699, or 1,200 more than the MT-07 ABS. A difference of price sensitive to justify, even if we take into account the market positioning of this novelty that is widely expected to talk about it in 2016.

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