Twin Triumph Street T120 Thruxton R 2016

This is our first video presentation of the classic 2016 Triumph range. On the menu, discover new variants of the legendary Bonneville, grouped under different displacements and power and torque levels,¬†each brand had its preferred sector, some produce Trails to go around the world, other red motorbikes going up to 300, other roadsters for every budget, from other tractors that will tear their arms and some of the “classics” to the old cruiser …

Then, a few years ago miraculously came back to fashion bikes “vintage” Hallelujah!

Twin Triumph Street T120 Thruxton R 2016

Almost all motorcycle brands have therefore logically surfed this trend with varying degrees of success by offering us more or less powerful motorcycles and consistent in terms of design.
Triumph, after years of relative inaction regarding its classic range, is doubling in 2016. This is even five new models that link the tip of their flagship 2016! significant element, the arrival of new water-cooled motor bases to ensure operation more suited to standard, increasingly restrictive. Twin Street The 900 is the new entry. The new Bonneville T120 and T120 Black represent the heart of the range 2016, with a very torquey engine announced. Finally, the new R Thruxton Thruxton and position themselves as high-end, with a richer and always neat finish equipment.

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