Kawasaki Campaign to Recall the W800 Short-circuit Problem

Kawasaki launches recall on its W800 involved a wiring harness problem and intake pipes that crack…Neo-retro made in Kawasaki is recalled at the workshop. Two separate issues on the W800. Are pointed the finger the wiring harness under the fuel tank worn by contact with the framework, outcome a possible short circuit and a possible engine timing.Kawasaki Campaign to Recall the W800 Short-circuit Problem
This problem concerns the bikes of 2011 to 2016 EJ800A.The 2011 models and 2012 and some versions of 2013 are fragile pipes for admission, not enough heat-resistant… where a few cracks resulting in engine altimeter and other unstable regimes.. That concerns several worries including a wiring harness that friction could cause a short circuit and possibly engine timing…
Kawasaki comes to warn us that a recall campaign with several worries… was currently short on models W800. For products between 2011 and 2016, “the wiring harness under the fuel tank can be damaged by contact with the edge of the frame. This can cause a short circuit and a possibility of engine timing”.
These models manufactured in year 2011 & 2012 and a few units placed on the market in 2013, the admittance pipes may become settled and crack to the use of the fact of insufficient resistance to heat.”This may result in an intake of air, resulting in unstable engine speed or engine timing.
Therefore, to tackle these problems, Kawasaki has launched a safety recall campaign in order to:

  1. Check the wiring harness and repair if necessary.
  2. Mount protection.
  3. Change the portion of the beam to avoid contact.
  4. The admission pipes will also be replaced by improved models.

Machines involved:

Finally, after reading these valuable information, Kawasaki invites owners of the machines concerned to contact directly there.

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