Yamaha X Max 400 Rear Brake Defects in Tube

In the segment of the sports medium displacement scooters, x-Max 400 Yamaha is dynamic, alive, versatile and efficient With the new aerodynamic fairing, slight frame and DNA legacy Yamaha X-MAX, this versatile model came to make you really enjoy with its powerful 400 cc engine and lightweight frame, is able to provide sports performance with an agile character and great ability to accelerate. Both on the road at high speed in urban travel or a weekend getaway, this stylish maxi does it all.. However, a look at the part of the rear brake hose is required before resuming the handlebar…Yamaha X Max 400 Rear Brake Defects in Tube

As usual, is a simple precaution that Yamaha is withdrawing from the 400 x-max (YP400R) produced between 2014 and 2015 to achieve the replacement of the rear brake hose. An element of security that would be defective and the brand of the three forks has incriminated 112 modification of models…
X-Max Sporty has question are:

  • YP400R 2014 model (1SD4) between 0011760 and SH071 SH071 0.012.558 serial numbered.
  • YP400R 2015 model (1SD7) between 0030101 and SH071 SH071 0.032.136 serial numbered.
  • YP400R 2015 model (1SD5) with between 0000711 and SH075 SH075 0.001.010 serial numbers.Yamaha X Max 400 Rear Brake Defects in Tube

According to our information, these 112 models recalled, crimp reached between hose and rigid rubber hose was not performed correctly or you explain some as a metal connector solidarisant the rubber hose and rigid rear brake pipe set the evil that can cause a loss of rear brake power. Complained to the French market 112 machines that need a ride for an intervention. Therefore, on some machines, and under the pressure of the brake fluid, rigid hose could leave direct consequence fixture and the best a loss of braking of the metal rear brake system power.
Finally, guests 112 owners of these machines were alerted to the problem by mail and asked to make an appointment as soon as possible with your Yamaha dealer for free to this intervention.

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