Royal Enfield Himalayan 2016

After months of teasers, Royal Enfield finally formalizes his new bike that make a new tow wheeler trend to drag Himalayan called and equipped with a 4-cylinder 411 cm3 TPS.Royal Enfield Himalayan 2016

Since a few years, Royal Enfield a new lease to enjoy, even in 2014 to more motorcycles sold than the American giant Harley-Davidson found. With annual sales record of $ 482,000,000 this year, so it is almost self-evident to a new model Builder and this new model is none other than the Royal Enfield Himalayan. Conceived and designed to go on adventure, this card certainly not “pretty”, but he plays in the background really hiking map focused on the outdoors. This name is also not trivial and as you’ve seen on video a few days ago, the Himalayas also don’t hesitate to a steady pace in all terrain and his are 220 mm ground clearance that will contradict us! But for now, the Himalayan is a growth driver.Royal Enfield Himalayan 2016

This bike is essential because, in its domestic market, middle class Indians discovered the joys of traveling by motorbike and travels in the Himalayas long, wide and especially in the way. But given the state of the tracks, a real trail or failing that, a motorcycle so that Scrambler seat height 800 mm and morphology are more adapted to local demands, is full of Powered by a single cylinder 4-fps to 411 cm3, the Indian Trail features an ability of 24.5 HP at 6500 rpm with a torque of 3.3 MKG on about 4 000/4 500 Rev/min What a bowl tickling Mash 400 more sensual adventure on his land … camped on ray-21-inch and 17-inch wheels behind, the Himalayas makes us weighs 182 km with full gasoline 15 liters off-road vocation requires, it can count on a cushioning ensure a free space of 200 mm in front and 180 mm at the back.Royal Enfield Himalayan 2016

Remains to be seen if it a place on the French market to find where the middleweight paths are not the most popular machine … Especially at the time of the writing of these lines, the importer Royal Enfield for the French market, the DIP has confirmed his availability for the French market, at least for 2016 to be continued!

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