Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016

The strong personality of the new XDiavel is expressing through via a test. The “S” version combines high-quality materials and finishing provides a high level of technology. The heart of XDiavel in the Centre of attention is the new Ducati Testastretta engine DVT 1262, glossy black and decorated with wrought details, which is capable at all speeds delivers a high torque.The result? Something valuable, unique incomparable and so…

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016

The XDiavel did the show at the last show in Milan, his mouth and his 156 advertised horsepower. Today we are in the land of power a year to try 2016 individual Italian Cruiser!
Outstretched arms, torso straight, which is feet first, no doubt, it in fact on a cruiser I scroll to see you through the landscapes of the area of California, San Diego. However, that is bicycle drives me is not up 12,000 km away from the chains of the MoCo, but its origins in Italy. It is in fact a Ducati between my legs roar, the famous XDiavel first motorcycle in Borgo Panigale in this segment so popular among the Americans to invest. Therefore our presence on the land of Uncle Sam today, of course!

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
To attract bikers from all classes, the new Devil Bologna ahead a dream world of plastic, as a basis for take the forms of non-standard of the older not born under X, it. To give one more animal appearance, a brute-force sensation distinction Scrum as the Italians have become accustomed to do designer and house technicians are carefully reviewed. And it is certainly already a Visual success.

The motor is super King

Fire in Ducati daytime running light LEDs for the first time incorporated, by the curve content of the steel tank, its wide saddle ideal dug and II 240 mm, imposed its cut short rear frame to create the giant Diablo Rosso more space the XDiavel is indeed a super rewarding style and a high-gloss stolen accentuated her natural sex appeal. We appreciate his beautiful rims to “surface” on the S, inverted the processing of large tubes of the fork, silencer double red stems or even the ultra-visible instrumentation on TFT screen beveled section minimal trellis frame, its background lighting and as “The motor is the King”, say the hosts, the L-Twin House is also a high-quality surface, all the more remarkable, on our test-S version of black and chrome covers. However, if this new twin 1262 cm3 is the heart of XDiavel not only for his appearance: his devilish temperament is most definitely the first thing!

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016XDiavel approved as DraXster

We are crossed deliberately small mountains of Otay Lake and Descanso junction in the hinterland, a part of different routes, which separate the United States from Mexico. Now, throttle response is immediate and encoded, the sport mode the first disclosed three of XDiavel an incredible passion. You catapult it’s literally by 4 000 R/min, in a typical mechanical noise of the Testastretta, bestial nature emphasized. During the ramp-up, we feel more vibration than the Diavel, bit ultimately annoying, because participants mechanics reinforce the charisma of this vitamin. Instead, they affect the quality of the retro-vision.

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
That is not antilock braking system 8 levels in the figuration, in particular, that due to the passage of El Nino yesterday, the Earth plates on the tarmac in abundance. In addition, we appreciate the backrest of the seat for a perfect maintenance – what’s less clinging to the handlebars in the orbit of the last session. This new engine, full torque at low engine speeds, later confirmed its sporting character in the towers. It offers a very good long in fact, inevitably to the desire to specify the ends rights too far open and fast to drive what is dangerous in this corner of America, where the police border in addition is particularly active among the many tribal units very quickly. The return to “cool ride” is so quickly-vital to your servant!

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
A brake to its measure: Although strong!

The 1262 fish very temperamental, but its lack of flexibility. True, the big twin he moves gently up to 3000 rpm, but below hit! On the higher gears, we find less demonstrative between 4500 and 6000 RPM. So, if, from a curve where, if passing, we need to increase “American Truck”, a report is important,… Fans of “cruising American” can soon tired!Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
However, at 90 km / h in sixth, recognize that we manage to wander gently at 3250 rev / min be affected the least renâclement. As for transfers on expressways, they are facilitated by the presence of cruise control, easy to activate with its ergonomic control. But on the secondary network, the feeling of not being able to roll out higher gears remains disconcerting for a machine of this segment. The Indian Scout Sixty tried at the same time on the station, is far more conciliatory in his equally sports features. Fortunately, aboard the Italian the clutch is ultra soft and precise selection. And as the management of the acceleration shown finesse, mastery is always appreciated.
This feeling can be felt just as much at the time of stopping the heat of the muscle-bike. Its braking system is very good, the S or Standard model. Of course, with his stirrups superbike, the S offers a sharper attack, however, the two systems are conspicuous by their bite and progressive, front and rear. Adjustable on three levels, the ABS angle sensors do not show too intrusive because even stalled on its highest degree of intervention, the action entry is measured.

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
Stable offers the XDiavel a strict road location and digested without flashing minor irregularities in the road. Larger wells and extremely faucets are far less well absorbed, shock and yet flexible at the start of the race back to demonstrate dryness. Riding the Ducati we regret also a bet on the complex angles. This long machine with its huge rear tyre size low, demand for participation register curve. It takes sudden pressure on the ends of the handlebar or on the footrest to attach, but once on the angle, to keep the course, is convincing, also as regards, however, the coating is not damaged. Finally, the ground clearance by XDiavel amazing for a machine of this size is possible with angle of 40 ° (41 ° on the Diavel). Rub him footrest there is room for most athletic we enjoy.

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016
Not a ballerina, but almost

Although it warms up GAMS if it stays in the traffic, change in the center of San Diego finally just proves to handle these new XDiavel. Certainly due to its geometry, there was a motorcycle, which is not too strong with low speed in intervention unless a Yamaha V-Max, for example. It is easy for a cruiser 247 kg, 90% of the full, since manufacturers and by its saddle just 755 mm above the ground, is all templates have a good support. Ergonomics footpegs and handlebars adjustable are, such as the management of its acceleration or its very good belt permanently without the slightest vibration, promote developments just as slowly. In addition, it seems surprisingly good for its size!

Ducati XDiavel S Test and Reviews 2016

Test Result Conclusion: A new hybrid is launched

The day ends and I feel no fatigue. While I have traveled nearly 220 km of various routes, but my Foundation as my lower back are perfectly preserved. Phew! Comfort XDiavel seems more than acceptable, but there’s little chance that this a strong argument for those who will contribute to the dark side of this unusual cruiser. Because it is in fact again! A hybrid, that the Italians have developed so that the X in his name as a symbol of a cross symbolizes the intersection of two worlds in a way, that the Cruiser, a new field for the Italians, and the Ducati sports world, his roots.
€ 20 390 fare with a record XDiavel side and €23.390 displays an S model Ducati will be inevitably unhappy. But not necessarily in the ranks of enthusiasts “traditional cruising”, as the Italian interpretation of the custom shows once more, its uniqueness by his sportsmanship accepted.

Positive Findings Negative Finding
Design Engine flexibility to revise
Engine performance Setting the angle
Braking trapper Heating city
ABS / DTC audience Price
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