BMW R NINET Standerd Sporty Model 2016 in the UK

Not that to change the new version much of the standard model by BMW, adds only an Akrapovic silencer, as well as a few extra sporty touch. Many enjoy the bike very intimate thing is and do not want that to do in the company. the new version BMW R NINET sports exclusively for the United Kingdom was submitted. This special edition of the BMW R NINET highlights how the name of its sporting heritage proposes difference details by four.

BMW Motorcycles R NINET

Its price is more than the standard sport model will ship with ABS and heated grips, along with LED indicators for, 1000 pounds to change over €17,000. Therefore, it is not cheap. At the moment, it is due to arrive in other markets.

The high point in the R, NINET is the introduction is obviously R NINET Scrambler but one strange in the BMW when each individual issue Akrapovic exhaust system. The polished aluminum tank, Pollack identical invoice and no rear seat and the footrest of the passenger at the end to make a purist sport Cafe racer.This version dispensed with the seat and the footrest for Café racer look pure, plus a special aluminium finish for the tank in which the weld seams. The aluminum tank is available in two versions: polished by hand, painted with glitter and visible welds or too polished.BMW Motorcycles R NINET

Otherwise, it’s the same bike retro-Roadster-style Boxer-twin air-cooled engine has attributed previous generation of BMW. There are 1170 CC, 110 PS at 7.550 revolutions per minute, 119 NM at 6,000 revolutions per minute, a weight 222 kg, standard ABS brakes in 17-inch radial tires, seat 780 mm above ground tank 18 l…

If you want to move that far, you can buy a BMW on the market sold and applied the price list for the year 2016 here.

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