Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Info by Pilots

Bertrand gold went to Sepang to take about the handling and understanding of the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R … A 200 strong horses and available in France, OTC. Here are some answers given to questions that is you want to know.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R Info by Pilots

Laurent: pressurized fork of the new ZX-10R she brings a real advantage over the previous big-piston?

B. g.: I think it’s a leap forward marketing network! Track without direct confrontation and identical configurations tyres, temperature, circuit, although balèze would be one that could make a precise and objective judgments. Let’s say that at the time the BPF had sweat cycling pickers, while Balance free seems less concern. Expect to see during the 2016 season.

Miloud: I want to buy a sport and I hesitate between the S 1000 RR 2016 2016 and the new ZX-10R. In terms of power and speed on the track, easy handling, but also driving on country road, which one would you recommend?

Didn’t get to try the 2016 ZX-10R road but overall, between security and ease, I rather plébisciterais Kawasaki. However the S1000RR is more demonstrative emission engine Euro3 against Euro4.

Arnaud: the new ZX-10R has a new cooling system. In warm conditions in your essay, is the engine temperature stable in intensive use runway?

In fact there was nothing to cook c.. in the oven during this test! General motor temperature control it felt perfect. Except at the end of my first run with 116 degrees to view a beautiful and coolant leaks. Except I probably suffered an attack from Pierce my external radiator. staff Kawa did not hesitate to show me says radiator hurt after dismounting.

Patrice: more agile? More manageable? More powerful? In short, easy or not?

Exactly. All development efforts are being made in this direction. But that’s no reason to cut the evenings at the gym, right?

Alan: Because, like the BMW S1000RR, don’t offer an option more comfortable road elements, such as electronically adjustable suspension and cruise control? Why don’t we see as what you use larger tanks tank strength, which would allow greater autonomy, does not actually impede the aesthetics only for commercial weight figures full of petrol lowest? 200 HP and “Gentlemen agreement” QUID meter max “harnessed” at 299 km/h. In practice, these numbers are surpassed in size on the bench or on the floor. Wouldn’t it be a bit hypocritical and could not get a more honest relationship with customers?

To each his politics. Kawasaki and other manufacturers, we do not consider it appropriate to propose an expensive technology and not necessarily more effective. And offering his instrument to 17599 €, Kawasaki is a unique position in the market. As for the cruise control on their hypersportive, I think the Japanese are “ready”! How to offer 24 litres on board, I don’t see the advantage of trying at all costs to increase the autonomy of these bikes that are already able to fell 250 km on a full tank. And 250 kilometres, but also does not hurt to spend time in the saddle. Finally, about-gentlemen Agreement-which you mention, as its name suggests, is still a matter of producers … and ministries! For once, don’t go too the hypocrisy, we sometimes still costs a little more freedom …

Pierre: what is your watch at Sepang?

If it’s not the curiosity! Character is not a typical flaw, but I saw from the outside and with all the relativity of a statement made to the process on the basis of a colleague in 2 ‘ 23 rolling, gave me a 2 ‘ 16-about 2 ‘ 17.

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