New Triumph Speed Triple Tested by Thomas Chignac

New Triumph Speed Triple Tested by Thomas Chignac and questions asked to Thomas about this test and review  here are his answers.


Has the engine of the new speed triple redesigned it from the top down?

TC: It depends what you mean by “top-down”… In the whole of the three-cylinder, the same, but triumph not least remains still ad 104 internal changes, (Pistons, camshafts, bedroom of incineration etc.). Both for the Euro 4 standard send him, offer more power (+ 5 HP, 140 HP now) and torque (+ 0.1 mcg max) on the midrange. And what is immediately to feel the aliveness of profit: the engine shows much less inertia, which is especially beneficial on the mechanical properties, such as dynamic capabilities.

Triumph Speed Triple Test by Thomas Chignac


Will the use of the new versions be’s 1600 terminals in successive stages also mandatory as the previous models? The change announced over 100 replacement engine components can be the thing… Accessories as passenger handles or top motor unit remain compatible predecessors?
The shooting of triumph, this information concerns, and after consultation with the leaders 1600km is actually on the reservoir of new machines. But this data is now obsolete: triumph recommends limits on the half or 800 km gradually in revving to do. In the accessories, handles the passenger be specific (they are also available as an option), while that page protection should be logically consistent, has not changed the frame check with a dealer license.

G. Bruno:

There’s a difference between driving both models?
Unfortunately, we have not the possibility, the S version, to try only the R was at the press presentation. But I doubt that’s great differences in behavior, not on tour or in extreme stress…


What will be the price for both versions and for a pilot “Lambda” the price difference between the two versions, that worth it?
The speed triple is S with €12,100 the actual treatment of our opinion, taking into account the general development and his stage displayed when the R version requires additional 1,700 euros. I think it is not necessarily “Lambda” driver output and driver “Expert” for the difference in price is justified. Although I have had the chance to test the S model, I doubt that the gap is so significant. In my view, unless a fan of “Good stuff” Öhlins suspension, carbon parts, shoes and other striking piece, it is better to make the less expensive of the two.

Loïc: Is the gear shift lever the standard?

No, the gear is not part of the standard equipment of the new speed. It is available either for €412.


I would like your opinion with wind attack surface as free from bubble like that to be not very pleasant, even at 90 km / h… Is an option to be expected?
The new speed triple is certainly, with his new front lower than its predecessor, no model of protection… It is almost zero! But we do not buy a roadster, especially in this kind of (sports), for his protection say that it is a part of the disadvantages, but it is also involved, at least in part on sensations. There is an option to try to solve this “lack”, that is above installed on mini wind deflector (€70) a small deflector.


Convinced Triumphiste and 2009, I was slightly cooled, holder of the speed by the model in 2011. Visual identity loss transformation and engine character where they are my best round headlights? speed of the concept… this new model seems to revive the model I own and that is, what sold me concess ‘ in the corner. Your opinion on this subject? Accelerate it’s worthy heir of guts Roadster, which has made a legend of the motorcycle?
For me, it is clear, even if I already thought that the current version had absolutely lost his soul… New mechanical features, more nervous, without completely changing it, personality WINS lowest note taking part. Both sent you more class developed, and become more aggressive. And if the lights round made in its outer form, internal reflector back Yes.

Bruno C.:

This bike has a new speedometer gear? For inter files since circuit, he was finally a warning and scope of the new retro-bar end it makes sense? Is the gearbox smoother and quieter than its predecessor? The comfort of the passenger it is reflected on the new saddle?
Yes, a power indicator is now on the digital display. The warnings are also available right commodo and new retro offer excellent visibility to the rear. In fact, they may be occasionally annoying, if interfile sneak in when things get tight. In relation to the case to smooth, confident to be more difficult, without directly compared. In theory, it should be better, but the change is not dramatic. However the clutch control is much softer slipper-system. Finally we have not had the passenger seat time to test, but it’s a safe bet that comfort more or less the same as the previous generation.


Had the opportunity to have the predecessor model, is that the weight difference is felt?
The previous generation was a great machine, but in a cool way, she appeared awkward hair…There is no difference in the weight of triumph. Of course we make sure that this to a later comparison with the competition to check how it happens in our House. But when the total weight changes is not or very little intended limits the feeling through the lower motor inertia effect “clumsy”, as we knew. It’s Duke R not yet so strong and agile like a KTM 1290 Super for example, but it’s better than in the past.


Source : news motorevue

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