Motosharing Presenting 250 Electric Scooters in Barcelona

There are already established in many Spanish towns Bike rental services, but so far nobody Cooltra as proposed for the city of Barcelona. This company first appeared in March in Barcelona motosharing system with 250 electric scooters, with which you can rent a bike at 100% organic single minute you need it, not days.Electric Scooter

How does motosharing work?

Any big user of 18 years old with a valid driver’s license can enlist in a mobile application that Cooltra intended to serve. Thanks to this application you can find the nearest location to your scooter and once the reserves have 15 minutes until you get to where you are parked. With the same application you insert the starter motor, which takes housed a helmet under the seat.

Once the trip is completed, you can park your car in any business of the city 40 kilometers around. minute is paid and is Cooltra which is responsible for charging batteries scooter. To give you an idea and take approximately 10 minutes is at the price of 3 euros.

Electric Scooter

The motosharing, and other services that use the active exchange of vehicles, civilization requires users to operate. We’ll see what happens in this case, as for example in the service of electric bicycles for hire in Madrid there were flaws in many of the vehicles for both reasons.
Cooltra has invested 1.5 million euros to launch this service in Barcelona, with which they hope to cover the entire city and providing there is a scooter user available every 150 meters. When the service is launched to better serve this growing anger. Provided that the locals use it and find it useful, of course.

concept of work, Cooltra plans to invest 20 million euros in total for export this concept to other cities like Madrid, Paris, Berlin or even in the United States. What about this solution for urban mobility in big cities?


source : masmoto

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