Honda MSX 125 Engine Conduction to Ducati Panigale

Some Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand MSX125 Honda model define the almost religious among its owners. One of the many projects in the terms of performance, it was to leave the pots and the little naked Ducati Panigale R having horsepower engine of 1199. Mario Kleff’s shop, all vehicles entering the ‘ tinker ‘ is dedicated to the construction of the architectural firm of spare time and his owner engineer lives in Thailand. If you look at a profile on a social network, Honda MSX 125, equipped with a Turbo fitted to the chassis of the popular engines like the upcoming Ducati 1198 Japanese find some of his latest project, the bare wheel 12 “very demand in Asian countries.

Honda MSX 125 Engine Conduction to Ducati Panigale

The chassis is the same fork, keep in place a deposit or an incredibly original bike’s aesthetics is a logical fit because, in spite of the change. Dual exhaust outlets through a complex system, a copy of the standard fixed location Panigale R. The new integrated mirror or Brembo brakes Ducati elements and introduces into the cuff, but certainly contribute to raising the quality of the set and can be displayed in the place.

Honda MSX 125 Engine Conduction to Ducati Panigale

I’ll talk to his already for you and others tasks while the light Kleff complete this project. This is another Honda MSX engineer engine mated at Ducati Panigale R … No, we’re not kidding, Kleff could have put the two cylinder propeller Superquadro and I earn in my small narrow MSX results of 1198 cc steel backbone chassis … naked barely exceeds 205 horsepower and 100 kilos of weight!

Mario Kleff’s Workshop Video :

MSX 125 Honda engined Ducati Panigale by bikesdoctor

Kleff  too many details, but had to be adapted to be inserted into clear view photos much larger than the propeller of the motor Panigale in the sub-structure and swingarm 125 9 HP reference to the original MSX project.

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