MotoGP : J1-Test pilot Reactions at Phillip Iceland

In the current going week tested is the second official test of the Championship of the world 2016 of MotoGP at Phillip Iceland. The phillosophy of MotoGP World Championship is that the year 2016 will be changes happened; however,the main reactions of the driver on the evening of the first day of the MotoGP j-testing at Phillip Iceland.

MotoGP  J1-Test pilot Reactions at Phillip Iceland

Danilo Petrucci:

“I’m happy to be as competitive. We are very confident, and it’s good to start the season with these feelings. My best time? I hope to do when it comes to it, but it’s always good to finish the work one day in the first place. The day was difficult because of the rain. This morning we were driving in the wet, but the conditions were not optimal. We have only a few rounds, 12, but I’m pretty happy, because we recorded data to study. Much has changed since last year. There is a lot of work to do, and ready for more motivated us. ”

Maverick Viñales:

“The conditions were very difficult, but we have managed to drive a few laps and it was positive. We have not tested yet specifically, we wanted to check tomorrow to enjoy some settings just for the electronics. I am now more confident than last year, which by 2015 has me season helped to grow, to focus better and to be more precise, if I need to communicate my impressions on the engineers and request changes. This new electronic provides all print drivers, we have still a lot to learn, before you can use it properly, but it is something that excites me. I spent all winter in top shape to be to train, and now we have on the motorcycle to focus. Sepang we made progress, I had positive feelings and now I hope to continue development, while bringing us closer to the top. ”

Bradley Smith:

“To be honest, I am very happy with the way and manner took place on that day. The weather was needless to say, a little disturbed, but he was actually quite positive, because it meant that we can really concentrate on the small details, while we encourage for the waited to stop. Electronics takes a long time to adapt, so that a few breaks because of the weather, which meant that we can do, and there was no stress or precipitation. When I left the line, we knew we could do a few laps, and I had to really focus, we can customize the settings. The good thing is that I have quite a positive feeling, even if it only was after seven or eight laps in the dry, what is very important, because I have here to fight the weekend last year. I also had fun in the wet with much confidence in himself, which is a big plus. It seems that the Basic setting we worked works at Sepang here already, but with some small modifications. This is proof that we go in the right direction at the moment and I hope that we morning more valuable information with a get few dry rounds. ”

Valentino Rossi:

“We have to try lots of different things, especially a mature point of view, because this track is very demanding.” We expected summer conditions, but on Wednesday, it was more in the winter. In fact, we had to change a dozen times in the season. So we were stuck stand a long time, which is frustrating, because we had to work. We could cover a few laps in the wet and the dry. It is still too difficult to find the right window to take advantage of the exact intermediate tires, but can be very useful. In the past, it is too dangerous to dare not quite coulters on a track on slick tires. Comparé to last year is feeling quite different, which is why we need to continue to work. I hope that the weather be better the next two days. ”

Scott Redding:

“I’ve covered 41 laps in the rain on Wednesday as dry, but some were not very conclusive. I am satisfied with our work on nasser. Overall, we could do what we had expected, although we would have preferred more continuity, rather than these repeated passages through the box. Although the conditions were not ideal… Sometimes I handle with the rear rain tyres lose sometimes, but the feeling is pretty good. And I was able to sign a good lap time in the afternoon. ”

CAL Crutchlow:

“This day was spoiled a bit by the bad weather conditions. We have long been nailed the box. We had to go, on wet tyres and then the track started to dry. So we spent the slick tyres… until it began to rain. We have gathered much information on slicks and in two rounds, I am only able to say that we still have with the work, unless the power or electronics. At the end we were happy enough with our tours in the rain, but we have tomorrow to test so many things. I hope that the weather improve to take full advantage of these tests because I love this track. ”

Jack Miller:

“I’m pretty happy with the day, even if the weather allows me to do many laps. We had to test some developments on the bike and we could despite the limited time to do, we have prepared in the dry. My leg is quite good, especially on the bike. I cannot properly use the rear brake, but I can my drive for this handicap to compensate for change. I hope now that the weather is better and we let go a few more rounds. ”

Marc Marquez:

“This first day went well in Australia, but the weather made it difficult. We have tried, the rain tires on my first two trips, and today I felt pretty comfortable with a lot of grip on the back. It was important also to test electronics in these conditions because it was the first time that we have had the opportunity to work within the wet and it worked fine. I have some rounds on intermediate tires, but it is difficult to know to use it under any circumstances. It’s a shame, the conditions constantly because of intermittent rain and wind because the recording of data was difficult between wet and dry, were changed. It was a little better in the afternoon, but we decided not to differentiate because the forecasts for better weather tomorrow. ”

Tito Rabat:

“We were limited today by the weather but the result is always positive. I learned this morning a lot on the electronic level in the rain, even if the track was not completely wet. In the dry, the last time was very limited and I could make only a right round. I had still the possibility to take the feeling with the hard rear tire. We need more rounds than that of course, and there is hope that the weather is mild tomorrow and Friday. ”

Jorge Lorenzo:

“We have no luck today was.” We come here in the summer and, as he usually can be seen for a stroke WorldSBK, is the weather in general good, but not today. The conditions were mixed, the track was not completely wet, they were no good conditions to operate, and we don’t have much time to test under these conditions had. It was very important to try the new electronics on a wet track. I have only two laps on slicks and I had very strange feelings. I’m curious to see how our motorcycle tomorrow with Michelin tires and favorable weather for the whole day to work, this week, the second official test stands for the MotoGP ™ World Championship at Phillip Iceland on the program.

2016 is a year of upheaval in the MotoGP ™ World Championship: New Unity Electronics, new single tire supplier. But already at the last test in Sepang has been shown that even after conversion over strong lap times are already possible:

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