MV Agusta Brutale 800 Drivers Test Answers

As requested Maxime Pontreau questions, try out explain about the new MV Agusta Brutale 800. Here are their responses and answers;

MV Agusta Brutale 800 Drivers Test Answers
Question to Jean-Marc:

Can we integrate an intermittent function within the two rear lights make the wart that supports the original?
MP: It is true that the backplate is task of the general line of the 800 Brutale. However, would have been a shame wasting the loop-back of the MV Agusta, especially beautiful and well worked, with the registration plate. The manufacturer has provided a wide range of accessories and equipment for its novelty, but has yet to meet. Therefore impossible now that it will be possible to make this change. However, some supports specialized probably could offer a solution.

Gregory: the power is available for any diet? Is it ending height? The steering angle has been increased?

According to Gregory: The absolute power of the three-cylinder Italian is fully expressed 5500 Rev/min and has a maximum range of use of the engine up to about 9 000 r/min. Then the times will be less bright. The presentation does not allow us to take the exact measure of steering angle, but found that it seemed similar to the old version of the Brutale, which is very important. In the finish, MV Agusta blows hot and cold on the performance of both sumptuous rooms, but also elastic placement on your part to hold the cables. Unfortunately, there are still some bad words.

Jerome: I’m a big fan of MV + 8 kg but – 9ch and B-800 has receded.
Is the old model not necessarily more dynamic?

Ideally, if we only take into account the numbers, it is likely that the Brutale declined. Especially because his part cycle is repeated through a wheelbase 1400 mm (20 mm) and big game, demonstrating the will to increase stability, at least dynamism. However overweight and some horses that lack clearly do not feel the direction. Mostly because the engine is more readily usable at low revs. The front axle is always special interest. Literally throw the point of the rope, while placing more trust in your driver. These new specifications, is better to jump again!

Alexander: do you think that this bike is accessible online for a first purchase?

Yes, like all the machines I want to say, from the moment that does not burn the steps for its discovery. The Brutale is in any case more suitable for the buyers of first time as the old version. His “Trepistoni” is exploitable, more round, at low speeds. Leaves your character’s power / off and therefore allows for a simplified handling. The violent accelerations will not immediately assaulted, they come after, and fortunately they have not been forgotten. For MV Agusta remains a radical motorcycle. You have to give time to tame your share of deep cycle that can surprise at first. Then, once in hand, it’s a joy.

Stéphane: is the electronic management of gas, finally, in line with this brand premium?

Stephane said:The brand has apparently taken the time to calibrate the sensitivity of the Ride by Wire on this bike. We had no complaints about the machines tested to the presentation.

Velo83: I have been owner of a Brutale now wheel for the Dragster and savour the 3 cylinders. In this new virtual machine, is it different from the hot engine?

The new Brutale 800 still in use on three cylinders in 798 cm3 crankshaft against, also the team Dragster 800 line. However, the manufacturer has reviewed the design of pistons and cam profile. On paper, the new engine loses power. In fact, it is still hot. The real difference is the weight that shows up to 5500 rev/min, making it easy to use. Then shown as evil as before.

Benoit: we can consider route, the Brutale or it is too radical and reserved for weekend excursions?

Daily trips are obviously possible. The saddle is slightly padded, but enough. The driving position is not too restrictive. Then, the various amendments to the possible Brutale evolve easily in the city in a slight acceleration, smoothly discomfort to pass. To this end, combines perfectly rhythmic games of the weekend.

Jonathan: is there a fuel in the new digital display indicator or simply a replacement lamp? I wonder the difference between MVCIS package of the new Brutale and MVCIS2 currently the RR release? Way more generally, I would know the difference between the 800 electronic RR Brutale and the new Brutale 800?

According to Jonathan: No, the new digital display doesn’t have fuel gauge but only a reserve indicator. The difference between the MVICS platform, it means control system integrated of the engine and of the vehicle, and MVICS 2.0 takes number of present injectors, or three elements for the first and six for the second. The ECU of the latter also offers greater sensitivity to the ignition coil as well as a better control of the detonations in the combustion chambers. Otherwise, the electronics is identical on the Brutale 800 and the Brutale 800 RR.

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