Kawasaki ZX10R in 2016 With Best Options

If you are the owner of a brand new 2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R it is very likely that the Spain has already contacted to take him to examine about the steering damper bracket mounting bolts were tightened more than it seems during manufacturing of these units the cause mention under: however, The new generation of Japanese Superbike is facing its first call to examine the units including the chassis number are between JKAZXT00SSA000251 and JKAZXT00SSA002320. Supposedly are those manufactured before January 18 of this year.

2016 kawasaki ninja zx10r

It started with a blast coming from afar, there where 4 drops perfect fell with a sword in the sea. This rustling was born a terror, a nightmare for those who would be prosecuted. a journey for anyone who would like to catch it. Kawasaki ZX – 10R! The hypersport which stuns the World Superbike, devours the Endurance races and dézingue about what he faces. Some have been slow to take the shot, but the competition is organized. With an R1 on the return, a still as powerful as a Russian interceptor S 1000 RR, a re-Vitamin RR RSV4 to stopper and a 1299 Panigale inflated out of bounds, the Kawa should evolve to keep his lead. Thus either the 2016, re-lifted, refined version, re-packaged in electronics, ready to tear the track after seriously bitten it. Exit the chronos, the new Ninja ZX – 10R will put a shaken.

Now Can Steering Lock

Where is the problem? Seems the Steering damper bracket mounting bolts were over tightened during the manufacturing of these units. This can cause two or three screws to break and thus interfere with the operation of the direction of the shock absorber, which causes a blockage that can lead to an accident.
Once detected the problem, Kawasaki launched a safety campaign which is essentially to replace the existing bolts by new. The time it will take this operation in the official distributor of the House will be about 15 minutes. It is obvious that this operation will be done without charge to the customer beyond time to lose on the outlet of the workshop.
It is the only one of new generation Superbike manufacturing problems, as the Yamaha YZF – R1 2015 had also to go through the workshop.

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