KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review

The Super Duke is a radical GT road in the role with its 173 horsepower, light weight, sharp fairings having strong opinion. But coherent road response to test response to the Balearic Islands, for this first test of the GT high speed train. Tautology! Declare that KTM makes amusement and sports bikes are clear.

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review

So it’s okay, our Austrian hosts today presented the new GT insist on its road capacity, focusing its speeches about protecting his new and important capacity of 2016 autonomy, comfort or payload equipped their optional side bags. Without however, KTM staff lures anyone! These few road choice modifications, we grant, behind is in fact ‘the beast’! Hard is the famous dissmulee 1290 Super Duke, which with its 180 horsepower and 189 kg of dry matter, it had expanded the roadster segment. Sports at the beginning of 2014. Today with this GT declination is therefore almost intact… which is a new form of travel at the speed of light?
We note with great speed on the island of Mallorca, where we put our Foundation for this test. Due to the bad weather is announced for the end of the morning, this is paced very fast as oranges invite us to discover this impressive GT Super Duke. Fortunately like her, we’re ready for the race and then enter immediately in the thick of it!

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review

The Bike or Rowdy Heart!

He went on to the Euro 4 standard, modified substantially to support the breast in the range, the evolution of LC8 1301 cm3 of the Super Duke would provide some horsepower 173 GT and 14 4 Nm. We did have them, are all there is! And as these Thoroughbreds were well-trained, they arrive at the door of each turn asparagus, not of flock. Understand is that despite the strong character of these great soaked V2 Watt, the arrival of the cavalry is little by little, made much gentler than the hyper-roadster. Well done! In addition, the electronic control offers a perfect, immediate, lacking the slightest shock response. In short it grows and not a little! But we managed!
And one further master’s degree offered in the GT ergonomics wants to be quieter than the 1290 Super Duke. For brackets of spare, Austrian engineers have installed a wider handlebars bridges falling significantly. Therefore, the bust is less inclined to the front, but still retains a sporty stance where we find ourselves perched on a high stool placed 835 mm above the ground – which is always a problem for less than 1.75 m while the legs are very bent. Despite the adoption of 23 liter tank, the Super Duke GT retains good fineness to the crotch. Thus, that is literally filled with Austrian!

Radical GT under surveillance

Due to their relationship weight / power, what really pushes very hard this GT. And without brutality in the street driving mode, where all the cavalry is already present – however, there is no way rain more than 100 available horses! The substantially renovated LC8 spread is still impressive and the lights again, despite this long transmission ultimately in place in accordance with the intended use. Sport mode gives logically a sharper response of the opening of the throttle, sending the front wheel to the heavens with ease. But, again, with a good handle on the handle and the presence of a package of total audience, the domain’s reign. Mostly because the Wild One remains under the supervision of the advanced electronics.

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review
The combined ABS (C-ABS) and traction control (MTC), under the supervision of an inertial sensors (MSC) unit, are in fact characterized by its fineness of the intervention, with a sensitivity increased more or less follow the driving modes. The original settings appeared relevant for us, but can always be disconnected completely driving aid, and even out of the ABS on the front side, selecting Motard in the driving mode selected setting. Experienced pilots will appreciate.

The side of the force Orange

Particularly in the small winding roads in the North of the island, this catapult us GT, literally, from one corner to the other. Closed curves that jump on the face, is particularly impressive. In the first reports, large double flexibility allows evolving 2500 Rev / min, no explosions or complained. To 3000 rounds, his great pair of flip KTM, the GT already develop a 11.4 daN.m 3250 rev / min, for the winding of golf with ease and style. We pass 7 000 r/min, now reveals his demonic character, unwavering spirit that does not know the time of death until the switch’s arrival. Thanks to the series of the gear lever, mounted the reports keep coming without it being necessary to apply control hydraulic clutch, otherwise very sweet. In addition, we appreciate the 6-speed gearbox, accurate and devoid of dead false.

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review

Most suitable for motorways

This flexibility of the engine is less evident in the long marches. The GT pulls long reluctant indeed to go below 3500 rev / min, else fill the atmosphere with big shots Pistons. However, the provisions on the possible mechanics today move more easily on the 6th March 90 km / hy 4000 rev / min, in a slight acceleration. 130 km / h, which is even below the 5000 rev / min, enough to protect the crew from the vibration and reduce fuel requirements. At this rate, we appreciate the side protection that offers the great arch. But the adjustable bubble (shooting hand) is still too short to adequately protect the upper part of the body. For a printed GT model, which is a shame?
Techno complete and that is not all! Like the Super Adventure 1290, the Super Duke GT is indeed equipped with a system that prevents the rear wheel to slow down when the pilot automatically shuts off loose gas or brutally clutch (MSR) – increase the speed of the motor. And already is integrated in the angles of the (MSC) stability control sensors, which is even more precious is this great GT engine braking.

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review
Also to test your system’s boot in the HHC coast, blocking the rear brake for 5 seconds. Very convenient, especially for those who leave with a passenger and luggage? But the most pleasant roads rarely smooth our tread, the work provided by the electronic suspension semi-active, which govern the laws of nearly nonstop depreciation 10 milliseconds after KTM. On the basis of a long combined journey 125 mm front, 156 mm back, which are set in three settings: Sport, Comfort and the street, of course, with more or less progressive in its intervention. If before leaving the preload adjustment on the dashboard is well chosen solo, tile / luggage, duo, duo / luggage, these suspensions have also been provide excellent handling in the GT, digesting stride small deformations, and therefore offers amortized over large. Allowing a general measure of comfort!

From Orange to Orange squash juice

A good versatile character, although distinguishing calibration of two sports in particular. In the heat of the moment, for example, shows the time make the brakes – compatible system emanates a perfect and a good progressive snack – in which the GT preserved plate of street and comfort settings, but plunges even more when their suspensions are calibrated in Sport mode. That’s what optimizes inputs curves of men and winning rope in a more natural way. Cushioning become stronger in this case, the rigor of the angle is optimal, even the passage of an accessory.
Orange water is nice, but it is much less consistent than 100% pressed orange juice! This power KTM pure juice, we have enjoyed the first part of our rolling under the Sun (but not the photographers). However, now with the rain, hail and wind have been invited in the Balearic Islands; diluted orange juice is eaten with less flavor. This time causes dire run-off and landslides in some places. Fortunately, the degree of intervention of rain so reassuring to the public fully in this case. But along the way, there are no technology yet can avoid some rocks emerging reliefs. We have paid the price, fortunately is not serious, at least for the pilot point of the rim. Return to our base in the passenger seat of a legal strike of United States to test the comfort of the guest, say relative, at least for a machine of this class. If you don’t have a good grip, its control is not enough nor large enough envelope, in the legs, which are still too bent.

KTM Super Duke 1290 GT Test and Review

Test Balance Sheet: GT extreme and atypical

At the end, GT Sport family, GT KTM Super Duke leaves us more or less the same feeling that the XDiavel cruise segment, a position “hybrid”, the result of the interpretation of a sort of custom marks in indelible sporting DNA. Katoche is that this new light and very sharp and nice mechanically, which we love. In contrast to the real facet of the GT model, there is still a long way to go together comfort of the crew – in particular, the protection – even at the level of autonomy. The GT has in fact a 23 liter tank is good, but along with their (ultra) motor sports, even playing a regularity, is difficult to reach 280 km before refueling.
With its electronics advanced with various configurations of conduct and simple adjustments on the handlebars, its world-class amenities cruise control, progressive curve light, daytime, heated grips series LED lights…, its small finish reviews this sophisticated GT negotiates the elitist price €18 200. That ultimately places in front bikes such as the BMW S1000XR (160 HP, from €16.300), where the Ducati Multistrada 1200 (160 HP, starting from €17 590), instead of facing natural segment rival sport-GT, the head of Kawasaki Z1000 SX (142 HP, from €13.399). For those who seek to stand out with end, high-performance GT as a sporty and luxurious, the choice was quickly resolved. However fans of the mode of “Tourism” in “Great” go your way.

Some Positive Findings Some Negative Findings
Engine performance Protection
Rigor of the chassis Vibration
Efficiency electronic suspensions Saddle height
Modes setting and audience Price

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