Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

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    Yamaha MT-09 2016: practice
  • Price: €8 499 (03/01/2016)
  • Availability: March 2016
  • Colour: Race Blue, Night Fluo, red and grey mat
  • Warranty: 2 years parts and MB, unlimited mileage

Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

It has not a full power in 2016, but with specific traction driving modes and Yamaha TCS version 2.0 of the MT-09 does not have their colors neon night to please however the trial to re-discover in the South of Spain. Let’s go to observe the trail!
Bonus! In the Alicante region after the MT-03, MT roadster test another 2016 vintage increased our hands:
the second generation of the famous 09. That brought to mind “Dark Side of Japan” in Yamaha, this impressive interpretation of Japanese culture underground, returns to the front of the master of couple of scene, after a little more than two years on the market and 20,000 units sold in the old continent. The sensations of roadster, powered by a three cylinder full of life and Watts!, serious part is installed in a cycle, so it became a bestseller in Europe, considered as such by Christophe including trials Chief Moto station, from the first test of the MT-09 at the end of 2013.
In 2016, the MT-09 welcomes anti-skid series and sees their modes of behavior evolve… but still homologated Euro 3, while exit XSR900 end of 2015 and derived from the same platform is with her in Euro4 standard. To take advantage of the MT-09 from liner at full power and the ABS version with 115 HP of force and therefore no 106, will, therefore, waiting that the Government decides on the issue of conversion. Therefore, you will enjoy this version 2.0 the new bright-grey neon night fluorescent yellow rims, now only expected us to test. Otherwise wait and Go!

Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

It’s not the most comfortable…

Installation behind the handlebars of the MT-09 is still more pleasant for large than for small templates. The Chair is placed 815 mm from the ground and at the time of the race, leaning back requires quite a bit of experience in Thai, in particular, high kick, pass over a good boxing. Once mounted, the driving position halfway between defeat and supermoto sports roadster, this motorcycle gives his arms extended and almost just the posture of the bust. As for legs, with climbs and footrest to distance, these are quite bent.
Contact the Board lights. It is easy to read, although its screen compact brimming with great amount of information and even in the year 2016, since right next to the bar graph materialize to select one of three driving modes, appeared level traction control indicator. It offers two levels of intervention, light (1) or high (2), and it can be deactivated. In terms of the change in the mode of driving right commodo, gave this feature TCS placed in the left commodo offers a very good ergonomics, the thumb naturally reach. However, the control Horn is still too close to the spinning lights.

Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

Without a doubt one of the most exciting!

While the lining of the coastal towns had caused some problems of grip in the morning when we were testing the new black silica MT-03, billiards in which now we move to the first test of the MT-September the year 2016 offers exceptional grip. Given the ultra elegant way of our trip, we must quickly restore feelings in the saddle of this famous fun bike. Great! On the other hand to test your drive, which is not ideal, especially because our 2016 release Bridgestone low S20, profile gums athlete that return a large amount of information and are famous for their accession on this basis, us calons mode 2 TCS, the most sensitive.
It was without the enthusiasm of the CP3 Yamaha! The famous 3-cylinder 847 cm3 of the MT-09 does not have the same effects as Catapult at low revs. And as it is well filled between 2500 and 5000 rev/min, torque mistreats its wide rear tire on each request of the handle. Without pneumatic actually slip, trying to contain traction control roll below shows too intrusive. The change in mode 1 is more appropriate, the system tolerates even some small horses. If you want more, then, you must disconnect the traction control, on condition, however, make it stop

Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

B response B

At 2016 MT-09, driving patterns have changed significantly. However sharp, a way to preserve his brutality generates unpleasant jolt to the opening. Preferred therefore always evolve in standard mode to benefit from a greater roundness, even in the B final, no doubt exhausted the overrun, but it offers a more gradual, manageable, acceleration whatever works with serenity the extraordinary spirit of the MT-09 engine and take their share of the feelings in this light motorcycle, a formidable agility.
In fact, with its sharp chassis, MT-09 reveals once again its incredible sporting character in the winding. It easily takes a turn to the other; it offers a good discipline in the corner, although its front landing gear still not broadcast a very good feeling. On the climbs – dry supported necessarily taking into account the health of the three-cylinder Japanese which also retains its lightness, forcing its driver to not hold on to the handlebars, if not degrade its directional stability, even more reactions. Braking side, always praising the biting the front brake, the less brutal attack. Fortunately the intelligence ABS and offers intervention measured, never is premature.

Yamaha MT-9 Future Trial 2016 Test & Reviews

Test Conclusion: Up to Euro4 and or Reconditioning…

We don’t say enough for this bike, since the MT-09 is only in terms of sportiness, with its engine fire and light and the sharpening cycle part. Certainly, could still be improved in comfort and in: with its position in particular driving, a little special for some commands ergonomics, slippery Chair which takes you to the front… However, always find there is much coherence in its segment, a package of relevant audience, and a value / price even in their favor in 2016, Since we ‘ displayed at €8499 with versions that are no longer available ABS, remains of this ultra competitive bike this year, especially compared with other markets of three cylinders, triumph and MV Agusta in mind.
Yes, but now, slow Government forces, MT-September 2016 is still Euro III, them, can current concessions was 115 HP as the 900 network. Certainly at least 9 horsepower not anemic – transform the switch dynamic roadster 106 horsepower versions are equally pleasant – but no doubt will be a brake at the time of purchase. It is a pity, the MT-09, including 106 horsepower, does not deserve this!

Positive Findings Negative Findings
Good Engine Temperament Yet euro3 (flanged)
Suppleness and Agility Usefulness of mode A?
At Range Quality/price ratio Before (always) light
Clutch Control Efficiency
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