Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650

Newly renovated, the Suzuki SV650 2016 has been against the Yamaha MT07 at observation panel! A popular motorcycle game mostly not predestined… Here are our verdict reviews and our opinions.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
Since 1999, the Suzuki SV 650 was one of the greatest successes of Suzuki, to the point that, in the most promising of the early years of the Millennium, has been placing his brave two-cylinder v to any four-cylinder unassailable consider… This also explains the different generations of SV 650 always softened previous owners had good reminiscences with my SV have garnered great reviews in the comments or maxitest on our Facebook page discover the novelty of 2016. Therefore, for Suzuki, the launch of the SV 650, therefore, is very important, since the task to take charge of the Gladius. 1127 records by 2015, the SFV 650 was indeed behind the Yamaha MT-07 adopted in 4763 units in the same year… On paper anyway, this new game is legitimate, one side consider held a sales success. But the reality SV does better than the Gladius and MT-07 concern? The answer is to read below.

SV 650: already Palms?

Beautiful Suzuki claim, align their arguments 60 new parts of engines, technology help the new rpm low, easy boot…, only need to park the SV650 2016 aside for Yamaha MT-07 to find that the Suzuki rests on an already outdated design. In addition to the return of the round headlight even has a visual signature only (up to Bonneville T120 for example), the OAS also seems borrowed his muffler GSR 750 or sports of the taillight, GSX-R 600 and GSX – R 750. Even your instrument, identical to the GSX-S 1000 block, it is not specific.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
Certainly this is through the use of already known pieces we handle to reduce production costs, but over time see. Without a doubt, the Yamaha MT-07 is very modern and original with this front if stripped or your tank monocoque dressing room that passes just below the saddle. In addition, if we are in front of bicycles designed to save the smallest Yen manufacture, Yamaha appears more careful. In the Suzuki, radiator cooling 20 mm expanded here compared with the of SFV 650 Gladius, its predecessor is much more visual space, as well as hoses or cables that are struggling to hide behind the dressing room or plot. If all this is so “gas factory” or messy, but that also is the price to pay to gain kilos, 8 less by the OAS from the Gladius. Close of 3.5 kg they were trimmed in equipment and dressing room, since farewell tablespoons of way hide misery… In short, SV 650 cards on the table: here, no frills but the relationship of priority / performance price!

Fine size for MT

The first surprises came from the ergonomics and the height of the saddle. Located 785-805 mm mm in the Yamaha, the seat of the Suzuki has something to give smiles to medium sizes. From 1.65 m, it is possible to put at least one foot on the ground, good for beginners or women, for example. Ergonomics is also clearer, with a more conventional than, very flat, Yamaha handle. The footrest of the SV650, located a little more back and delightfully indentations to properly hang the soles of the feet, do not touch the calves stopped. In summary next House, good points mark SV.
However, the thinness of the saddle does not bode good side of comfort, because the relative strength of the suspensions.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650

Yamaha MT-07, according to the great flexibility say sweetness? Suspension, and promises to do better, but it remains to evaluate the quality of their depreciation. Mehdi, still show bikes, since the lock under the always realistic stool storage or more, and manipulate the bike without using the engine. There, with 15.2 kilos less, modern MT07 reveals one of the weights of its most valuable arguments… Suzuki had his beautiful SV in the car, which is still above manoeuvre 199.4 kg all full facts over 184.2 kg for the ABS MT-07. Then, the weight is completely powered control draisienne station and felt the road, two different concepts…

The Suzuki V-Twin remains attractive

Engines idling, more rhythm staccato on MT-07 that very well, even if the space with its vertical twin. Its more velvety, at the bottom, the V-Twin 650 VS and its famous however, the Suzuki engine changed the sound, more metallic and believe detect more nervousness. From the beginning, both bikes are released without problems travel and even among the best on the market to sneak into the city. However, there is a distinction between urban approval and effectiveness for urban or daily use. efficiency question, Yamaha MT07, strong pen felt a weight and a shorter RADIUS that Suzuki incredible tour, is formidable when it comes to interfere with the bumper. This plateau queen – bicycle schools aren’t bad – excels in the slow progress.
However, more than one apprentice jockey has already trapped by the weight of the engine / torque; turn the key to the unexpected! In addition, their selection is dry for the passage of the first and change the point first neutral or first to the second. As an aside, our bike of credit of 5,500 km of tests on the press of the rods was very bitter at this point; kilometers without any doubt on the rear wheel have not helped.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
In front, the Suzuki SV650 find colors: natural ergonomics, significant selection thin, smooth, the ‘low RPM support’ clutch control facilitate new businesses (not to prevent stalling, unless the order is flexible and progressive) and, in particular V-twin which has preserved the flexibility and the roundness that were already the interest of the Gladius. Wet or wheelchairs Metro-work-sleep mode, engine SV 650 always does wonders in 2016. This is a great ally in daily life more enjoyable than the Yamaha and still among the reference category, simply.

MT shakes, the caress of the OAS

However, the Yamaha MT-07 still reserves the maximum emotion. This is due to the alliance of modern sound very sensitive at the opening of the engine throttle more nervous, while Suzuki V2, a more generous couple (always higher than the Suzuki up to 7800 RPM / min) and even these 15.2 kilos less… drive result roadster Yamaha does not arise, jumped on each new turn crank! Such is the character “master by” Yamaha. And then there is this special ergonomics on board the MT07, which adds to the sensations. Charging back, of course, your driver at the front, waiting to climb high in the first two reports… Less “mill” MT-09, when the MT_07 was even enough to attract more than a budding Stunter!

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
On the way, this character mark so exciting big points against the Suzuki cannot bend in the test at common speeds (4, 5 or 6 °), except for high speed or speeds widely prohibited beyond… HAB. 165 km/h, so almost never. Suzuki SV 650 thus putting the broader approval of your engine to seduce. Less invasive vibrations greater flexibility, a maximum fluidity at all speeds, the more ‘elastic’ V-Twin also calls for change less frequently reported. And indeed, it was as promised by Suzuki, its scope has actually increased: between 7500 and 10 000 tr / min, the V2 is more angry and sings happily. Very nice, especially compared to the Gladius too “castrated at the top.” As a result, Suzuki overcame standard Euro4 on its new SV650, more dynamic in its revolutions while it offers a beautiful passage in the performance. This is not always the case in too poor to meet the standards and unstable, for example competitors, the speed of rotation to 90 km / h. The 2016 block SV650 update escapes through them, to play with the rage of the MT-07 engine, it is worth noting!

Stiffer, more precise and SV 650 has more than one asset in my sleeve. During this confrontation, we were constantly looking for ways Virgin any salting winter… especially to test the potential of the SV650 curve against MT-07 and the report did not also was planned as the engine, steel lattice structure retains mansion of the OAS, is more rigid and stronger best suspension calibration. In addition, in these circumstances, it was more being placed “in SV”, to become one with him and to better control the rest in the footrests to teeth. Therefore, the curve seems stricter Suzuki, at the entrance to the tower or even approaches the point where stability seems to be better.

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
Same original pneumatic driver, Dunlop Qualifier, are really ‘qualified’… for retirement! Hard they appear, which does not work, heating only 5 ° C better equipped and despite his younger Bridgestone BT-23, MT-07 represents the part of the cycle is always fun. A lack of rigor, Yamaha benefits immediately lightweight and ergonomic to play in succession. Very agile, which incites the entrance to the corner or move quickly into spies-sausages served is very nice with the MT-07. Hand unlike, good adhesion, the accuracy is low SV650 face to draw the desired path. Nothing to be upset so far, if this bike is known to be playful with the Catapult effect is always nice out curves!

Low range suspensions

Secondary suspensions, there are so many two schools here, farms or soft, without nuances and thus to each pass mark. As expected, it is still on the computer, such as brakes and tires, economies of scale are the most obvious, even if our two bikes of the day still have stems and the rebound adjustment spring in return, every time! The choice of firmness is indeed brand Suzuki certainly well positioned between the front and rear, and its advantage over the pool with easier to manipulate mass transfers, but harder to live in irregularities. For greater flexibility, see the side of MT – 07, thus shown more uncomfortable on the cobblestones for example, but dropped more braking and supports not small output curves in damaged coatings. In the Yamaha, depreciation does not guarantee their role in motor skills and with a generous couple, Damia her ass thoroughly. Fortunately, light can capture many situations…

Comparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
side of braking, these means two stop for travel without difficulty and without the need for a high-end equipment. We found a better quality of ABS Suzuki (standard, in accordance with Euro4, optional for the time Yamaha approval Euro3), which less than a ‘rebound effect’ on the brake pedal when the ABS is activated.

ComparisonComparison: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650: Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650
Test Balance: very tight match

It is undeniable, Suzuki has worked extensively on the return of his SV650, including the engine. Without a doubt, it moves without losing the approval of performance despite the limits of the Euro 4 standard. Given his age, it is quite surprising. Damage however finish this bike was actually sacrificed for weight loss in particular. At a time where most of progress means the displacement of perceived quality, even those that are mounted outside Japan as the last example CB500F Honda, Suzuki remains camped in the price / performance. An option that has often paid in the past such as the Suzuki GSF 600 Bandit and the GSX – R “Bags” engine recycled phenomenon, but today?
Side €6 599, this Suzuki SV650 price is not so aggressive that might be in the past. 6699 Euros, ABS MT-07 is more modern, more “punch” mid-range, but also less stringent and more effective every day in the end. Therefore, as shown below our notes table and contrary to its technology and sales scores may suggest, the Yamaha does not replace the Suzuki, much less. There is still real option thinking between the two, especially if you are not addicted to the latest aesthetic canons.

Yamaha MT-o7

Positive Findings Negative Findings
Engine fun Too soft suspensions
Lightness Rigour
Grip ABS too present (AR)

Suzuki SV 650

Positive Findings Negative Findings
Engine certification Finish
Increase performance Closed suspensions
Rigour (good coating) Less aggressive price
Ergonomics Too classic?

Here are some test Yamaha MT-07 vs Suzuki SV 650 pictures in gallery bellow :

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