BMW R 1200 R 12 Goodwood by VTR Customs

Love people… Like every year we’re violently back the build new custom bikes. As usual of course in the “Customs of VTR style” with much handmade aluminium and in different styles. Our range is even broader.

Without doubt, the Distributor and the Swiss maker VTR Customs was fairly good source of inspiration in the planning of this diabolical BMW R 1200 R “12 Goodwood”…

BMW R 1200 R 12 Goodwood by VTR Customs

Located not far from Zurich, the VTR customs distributor has presented her last baby, BMW R 1200 R an extensively revised and nicknamed “12 Goodwood”. As you can see, much work was carried out in the roadster from Bavaria to give it a more aggressive style. Lighthouses as minimalist as the new sub-frame of aluminum, revised handlebars, aluminium perforated tank sides radiated rims, sports tyres and Michelin signed an exhaust system that must no doubt have ample voice.

BMW R 1200 R 12 Goodwood by VTR Customs

So times wants to see the different projects in which the Bouclard Switzerland works, we can only advise you go for a walk on your website or on your Facebook page…

source:motorevueBMW R 1200 R 12 Goodwood by VTR Customs
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