Scrambler Ducati Mike Hailwood Tribute Motorcycle

The Ducati Scrambler motorcycles are very conducive to the realization of preparations. They are born to until the end of the day. But we never expected that Ducati Thailand arrived this tribute to one of the great engines of re-branding by Mike Hailwood.

Scrambler Ducati Mike Hailwood Tribute Motorcycle
The base is an icon Ducati Scrambler series major changes which are in the cosmetic section to look like the 900SS Ducati Hailwood piloted in 70. The effect is certainly unique bike which will become object of lust for collectors.
With the arrival of the company Ducati Scrambler Borgo Panigale has an ideal tool for developing all kinds of editions limited with its base. Paul Smart Ducati Thailand in mind is that it is more advantage and continues its special programme for its retro bike with the limited edition Ducati Mike Hailwood Scrambler.

Scrambler Ducati Mike Hailwood Tribute Motorcycle
Relativity Scrambler Ducati Mike Hailwood considerably excels the original model. The / seat subframe was created from scratch to look too more retro-racing with these straight lines and vinyls “Desmo” on the sides. Rear turn signals LED even been embedded in Pollock to give a smoother image also.
This is a limited edition for Thailand, in principle, imitates the decoration with which 900 SS Mike Hailwood took part in the legendary Tourist Trophy 1978. Ducati Scrambler icon-based.
Here are some special features details:

  • Retro CUPOLINO.
  • Car type seat.
  • Pollock specifically with flashing lights led integrated.
  • Retro Logos of Ducati ‘ for the deposit.
  • Escape output double Termignoni.
  • 10-spoke wheels gold.

Special mirrors of the Ducati Scrambler range.
Öhlins suspension on the axle rear.Scrambler Ducati Mike Hailwood Tribute Motorcycle
The engine remains the same air-cooled 803 cc Ducati Monster range previous (test Ducati Monster 821), so it is a more dynamic aesthetic preparation. It fails in any case, the claims of the great NCR 2008. Nor MH TT need.

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