Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro Review

About The Trail: 

Price: 12 999 EUR (standard ABS), 13 999 Euros (ABS DCT), colour red/black or HRC (300 Euros more) at 30/03/16
Colours: black, grey, red/black, HRC
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage
Availability: immediate
Approval: Euro4, permit has

The new Africa Twin test is the trace revelation 2016 on the road and track. True but all-terrain? We have equipped with two CRF1000L, std and DCT, pneumatic nails and adhoc for testing equipment of enduro 100%. Action!
After South Africa test or comparative BMW 1200 GS and Yamaha Super Tenere face, thought that we made with the new “adventure” Japanese trail? Not good! Whooping cough 2016 Honda still has not validated all the tests, including the ground. Yes, we are talking about the Africa Twin, whose roots are inevitably rooted in the history of the Dakar and manufacturer has been defined to itself as a “real really true trail”…

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro Review
Naturally, at the station, one becomes the question: what this Twin Africa is really capable of off-road? And proven! Keep in mind, that do not speak the ride on tracks 5 meters wide all the places where we spend the sixth until it happens. No, no, we know you can do it. Our goal here is the production in Africa Twin in the ways of the Creuse, adapted for enduro, and why not, even more…

Weights 235 kg this bike

The idea was launched, it is still put it all up…Needless to say that the story begins with a mandatory change of tyres. So exit the highway climbs up to the original race and Michelin Desert, probably the road tires more focused available for this type of motorcycle, with the actual points to the Earth! And since we never do things half for you, let’s take two Africa twin for this test, yes, you read correctly, a DCT version and a standard version.
It adds nothing additional for the preparation of these trails, if not remove rubber footrests. it is likely to be more prudent… Furthermore, bicycles have established a fairly chunky, essential for this use keel because we see that the exhaust manifolds are quite low, even exposed. It is a pity that this element does not include all the little additional protection will not be sufficient in the case of a brutal encounter with a stone. Finally, the guards of the hand, no doubt, are also useful.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro Review

Natural ergonomics

The quotation is taken LS Moto Honda dealer in Gueret 23 and guides of the day, our point of departure Enduro loop which will sink in the Creuse Valley to the ruins of Crozant… Finally, if all goes well!
Taking place in the Africa Twin, because I seek not my place, controls fall naturally under the fingers of hands and feet, even with the boots of any terrain. Compact external printing is confirmed once in the saddle, there is the feeling of being on a motorcycle that happily double quintal, but I confess that I expected perhaps more finesse between legs at Honda. However, this line is regular and there is no evidence has not rapidly inflate the volume of motorcycle.
There is no need to drive hours to realize that the Africa Twin offers freedom of movement copy your driver, even in the saddle however double floor. Please note that only passenger footboard covers can block calves when we started right back to put gasoline and on the beach of Le Touquet. OK, that’s probably a little extreme… Moreover, if the handle seems designed for a compromise route / terrain, that leans more the road margins and a bend farther to the right did not refuse to allow a more natural standing position.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro Review

It has everything a little…!

Our paths are open so far, with a margin of maneuver and gain speed. Honda Africa Twin Cruiser knows in these conditions, all offer a sense of security that even allows us wholesaler of gas and without apprehension. But there is where the horizon disappears and the tracks are converted into “simple” narrow the interesting things that are going to start! They fear a little anyway, because our route, give reverse to a probably impossible difficulty with such motorcycle… But this fear will only last a short time. On the other hand, it seems hard to believe, but Africa Twin reveals a disconcerting ease!
First, the suspension offers a good compromise; the fork shows comfortable, but still firms enough at the end of the compression to collect great shock. The whole very effectively absorbs all the little bumps that are on the roads. Stones, roots and grooves brittle swallowed at least as well as with a bike for enduro. The grip is also the meeting point, and no surprises when booking the overrun or even to attack some coasts sown with rolling stones.
The shock is too much great work and is going to be very surprised to find that has all the settings of an enduro real motorcycle (cuts, slow and fast, relaxation, preload) that, without a doubt, the acute delight. Even find during braking, which keeps the front wheels adhesion and makes it possible to not be surprised by the weight of the bike. This is the right time to make a special mention to our tires Michelin Desert Race that never fails us.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro adventure Review
The DCT hangs by a thread

Suspensions, that’s one thing, but isn’t everything, and if that also shows a comfortable CRF1000L in the roads, she also has a very studied balance! We can only congratulate Honda have removed 100 kg in terms of driving sensations. Until now, if si todo everything was so true to the classic version that DCT transmission automatic, one point separates the two Africa Twin.
The standard version is a real light weight to fly, but when you go to the DCT version, is quite different… If on the scale, only 10 kg separated the two “Africa”, but those seem to have duplicated dymanique! Thus, the more the pace slows and feels the weight of the DCT. And, above all, we need more commitment from the driver to place your bike you want, high Center of gravity force. But beware, you have to understand that the Africa Twin standard sets the bar high in terms of manageability and ease, and if we were to compare its DCT version some competitors, this observation could have been more moderate. .

“Think nothing and becomes the handle!”

We see the good, the Africa Twin DCT is more demanding in its cycle, but its engine provides a real advantage in terms of address facilities. The advantage here is that you do not ask questions, simply turn the handle meetings A point B square… and point B, can be at the top of a rise seeding of the roots and the wet leaves, no problem! Traction is optimal to the rear wheel. Known as “Traction Control,” tracks, but not very useful like when damaged soil, is out of line for a long time.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro adventure Review
DCT version also allows you to shoot at low speeds very easily; in the slow course is a plus. But not everything is perfect either, gearshift management is sometimes surprising, sometimes the bike remains the same speed, so that one would prefer to assemble a report to enjoy the “roundness” engine. In this case, it takes enough, naturally, the plan to put a “rowing stroke” and force the ascent of a report. However, the cost will be the same in the reductions, sometimes too soon, sometimes too late… It is obviously difficult to ask a motorcycle to understand the driver in a discipline in which constantly improvises and get a report with the thumb here is much less natural.
G mode, rapidly changing the clutch and engine braking gives more than simply being more in tune with the land use, do not change the situation, in addition to the difference with or without not stronger than I…

In the first case, it’s more fun

On the other hand, the standard CRF1000L and manual clutch bring other satisfactions… and disadvantages. The bike is very nice, its linear behavior even in “Sport” mode allows to roll slowly without being pushed by the mill. Then you can play the clutch lever, the feeling is great, but this is not enough to match it with the special roundness of the DCT. We can even be surprised by a race of the pistons and cabin from time to time. It is not much to say… until you catch 235 kg in a cant static imagine the rest.
However, there is to admit that the standard Africa Twin is more fun than the DCT version! A ‘normal’ transmission, begins to play, put the crucial shots for the nose, to get out of the routine, to start skiing… Anyway, as you would with a bike for enduro and overtaken by events, since everything is kept under control. CRF1000L standard ways, can afford to introduce a higher speed without problems.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro adventure Review
However, there is to admit that the standard Africa Twin is more fun than the DCT version! A ‘normal’ transmission begins to play, put the crucial shots for the nose, to get out of the routine, to start skiing… Anyway, as you would with a bike for enduro and overtaken by events, since everything is kept under control. CRF1000L standard ways, we can afford to introduce faster without problems or two, but as you said that, in Creuse 4 trails, which will begin to be displayed!

An Africa Twin centre and visit!

As enduro was becoming too easy for the Africa Twin, we push the Vice… even over the course of motocross address Crozant which will house neither more nor less than the Super trophy of France in 2016! So after the training of winter and the last time, as you say he has made beer mount CRF1000L, but again, the surprises of the bike! We will not tell that it puts the corner in grooves as with a motocross bike, but not to say that we had nothing to do in this field either, and s is even sent a considerable jump… If so,
Obviously, we have come here to the extreme manifestation, and it is clear that nobody is going to buy an Africa twin to mount cross. The test can at least confirm that Honda is well mounted and capable of exceptional versatility. So it is confirmed, the roots of the field CFR 1000 L Africa Twin are present! I would go further, for me this is an off-road Honda motorcycle that adapts to the road and not the other way around.

Honda Africa Twin Extreme Enduro adventure Review

Test Balance Sheet: A twin Creusica need to do all

About 150 kilometers later, we’re back in the Moto LS 23, after you have completed our total loop of the night in the Woods… You’ll understand that Africa Twin 2016 is a revelation off-road. On board, not force much more than ride a great enduro 450 or 500, and we had so much fun! Little finally can stop the Honda, except the passage of “simple” and too narrow stone base engine, but when they go even further with a German in this case…
The Africa Twin is easy to grasp, intuitive and has an unexpected sharpness while it is very safe. In a nutshell, it feels good on the bike, with a clear advantage for the standard version. The engine is “round” wonders and its 95 horsepower, does not appear to the Court, control is easy, gas network needs and can even attack! In terms of ease, roundness, but also the efficiency of the rear wheel, model DCT takes the advantage, but not in terms of fun.
So the news was Honda Africa Twin passed the examination of the ground from the station? Yes, without a doubt! In this case, which choose? Without hesitation, vote for myself for the standard version. Perhaps not seduce me by the luxury of an automatic transmission, but is especially the handling of a step above the standard of Africa Twin that plays to his favor. If you have any doubt about the limits in any field that Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L, that is so attached… Remains of throw off the road in the “Africa twin” no excuses now!

Positive Findings Negative Findings
Handling Footrest 80 CR 1995…
Suspensions Too road handlebar
Ease of grip Weight version DCT
Traction DCT
real capacity Enduro

Thanks to Honda France and our Laurent Sovereign LS Moto Gueret opener for the provision of motorcycle with and tires to Michelin Desert Race
In this test, Arnaud wore a jacket and pants, Scott concept VTD, a Scorpion VX-20 air Evo helmet.

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