Two Wheeler Brand Market Sales Report in 2015

Flat sales, the fall of sometimes steep progressions and sometimes insolent: There are two wheeler different manufacturers are far from having all lived the same year however, here we presenting small preview of what if experienced with them with scooping brands.

Two Wheeler Brand Market Sales Report in 2015

Those brands who have progressed through out sales:

Yamaha: + 2%

Instead half-staff in the global market (-1.7%), Yamaha signed a double success in the market since makes more than 125, increasing its sales volume (+ 2%), but its share of the market 20, 8% against 20.1% last year. Like what, no 125 cm3 that sell. To understand what models of the brand with the launch to forks they trusted, just eat with the eyes of the podiums best-selling because three of its models are. Tmax, the MT-07 regular and MT-09, whose liner version particularly well.

BMW: + 5.6%

Now the second place with 13% of the market more than 125, BMW cm3 sign an even more colossal performance that this is not based on a general range. On the other hand, is with its large floors (R 1200 GS, R 1200 RT, R 1200 R, R NINET) which bases its success, while machines of conquest Bavarian manufacturer carry out all Honorable fair sales 705 copies for the F 800 R or downright modest 600 sales for the maxi-scooters duo C600 and C650 Sport GT.

Ducati: + 21.6%

This is the largest increase in sales of the year in the market + 125 cm3. And as you have probably read, is the more than 1,500 sales Scrambler that Ducati is this card. The smallest of the Ducati 2015 range perfectly assumes its mission of conquest. In the year 2016, is his sister 400 cm3 to added a layer and the increase in market share is still small.

MV Agusta: + 20.7%

MV sign growth the second strongest on the market more than 125, but the Italian brand sales volumes remain modest: 629 machines in 2015 0.68% of the market with a majority of 800 Brutale. Please note that 675 cm3 (B3 and F3) represented only 39 sales.

Unfortunately some big brand looses their sales and fell down

Honda:  -18.8%

Quite surprising, falling into the first global manufacturer sales: indeed, in France, only advanced in fourth place. How to explain this collapse? Obviously by several drops of rain: VFR 800 on one side -300 sales, CB 500 F other (-729), etc., symptomatic of a range of lack of strong role models. Honda has its new Africa Twin assume that role this year. But with the R 1200 GS in an ambush in the segment of large trails, this is not really won.

Kawasaki: -1.9%

Depends on a number of aging around the world (including the roads segment), the Greens quite well to limit the damage with a decline of only 1.9%. Good performance, in particular due to the correct sales both Versys 650 and 1000, the scooter J300 and Vulcan S, little tailored based on bold ER-6 (571 sales).

Suzuki:  -4.3%

For the eighth consecutive year, Suzuki saw its sales fall in the market more than 125 cm3. Small consolation, the decline was less pronounced that in a few years, which can be explained in part by the correct sales in 2015 GSR 750 and GSX-S 1000 roadster. But to lift up their heads, Suzuki must renew a range very ageing. The return of SV 650 actually not shown the way, but mark claims to be readying some new features of fireworks. It might be the time to turn the wick…

Harley-Davidson: -6.6%

Victoria advancing slightly, powered hindu God of fire (+ 144%), a Vulcan Kawa S sells well: this has probably contributed to the slight decline of Harley in 2015. But this also adds – and is likely to be more a concern for American Mark – low sales of its new entry-level, the 750 Street, adopted in France to just 204 units.

KTM: -7.5%

Austrian brand decreased both in terms of sales and market share (-0.3%) and which, despite a higher offer in the segment of sales routes to the wholesale fashion. Unfortunately for the brand Orange, sales of the 1290 Super Adventure (237 units) and 1050 adventure 250 machines confirm that in this segment, the R 1200 GS is still an insolent domain.

Triumph:  -1%

An upper limit of the Palms challengee Scrambler Ducati and BMW R NINET life span. A locomotive of sales the Street Triple compete directly with the three-cylinder Yamaha: by 2015, the triumph was enough to make some white hair. However, at the end, English brand largely limited the damage with a small decrease of 1%. With the new Bonneville Speed Triple, we hope more in 2016.

Piaggio Group: – 3.5%

A decline in sales of 3.5%. A market share of more than 125 fell to 1.2%. It is not exactly what opens the champagne at Piaggio. Especially that within the group, the scooter sale up pulling. The bike has a tendency to stop: Moto Guzzi and Aprilia including the best-selling is also the SRV maxi-scooter with 850, respectively, 0.80% and 0.91% of market share.

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