Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review

Under Observation Scrambler:

Market Price: from €7 990 (04/04/2016)
Colours: orange, black, blue
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage
Availability: March 2016
Approval: Euro4

After I cracking 800 cm3, the Italian Scrambler is now available in 400 cm3 of certificates A2 among others and with a reduction of €1,000. However, the smallest of the Ducati does not offer enough money? The answer is here.
She looks in fashion magazines, skateboards, among motorcycle enthusiasts, bloggers and trends… Unlike the 800, the 400 Scrambler made one time zone, but did not do so was submitted to the specialised press of the motorcycle! No matter, what is a press Paris Park take it today lent to a complete test with our rules. A test clear everywhere weight arguments of marketing, as it was the case last year, when it had landed in the “land of joy” to treat the Scrambler 800.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review
However, under the Plaid Shirt motorcycle jacket still requires that they adhere to the “young and relaxed” trend without a doubt that this pleasant vehicle motorcycle Palms look well born. Because just like the “big” is derived, the small Sixty2 Scrambler has a cup of the most endearing, a look old perfume exacerbated by their new colors of vintage, including blue in our motorcycle pastel original d test.

New riding experience

Installed behind the handlebars of the Sixty2 they include discovered unusual atmosphere in the 800, with its long tank located low in the tall and slim seat extension and since the driver puts his hands on a wide handlebar, the view of the road is entirely clear, especially because minimalist block and the instrumentation of the eccentric Sixty2 same as the 800, is rather discreet type. What to see in very front!
The upper handles extra comfort and promote a correct posture bust. We like! In contrast to his servant 183 cm, the small distance between the top of the saddle and Stirrups incentive to bend too much gams. Fortunately, wide seat provides a good smooth, although we regret its perfectible continued lack of reflux. Also, since it splits at its base and its height is low 790 mm above the ground, all drivers’ templates are well received in the Sixty2.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review
It is decent and smart

Do boyfriend / girlfriend with the Miss Sixty2 are obviously out of the engine already, its light is a feature leading the small Scrambler, we weighed 185.4 kg with its full, 2.7 kg of the 800 months and as the Italian have a size WaSP and a moped radio spin, maneuvering in a handkerchief with ease.
Get in touch with! Its small 399 cm3 engine chugs instantly in their sound is not particularly pleasant. That yes, was no more than 800 on the road! However, the identity of the icon sound seemed less parasitized by these many mechanical noise and very metallic sound that moves with each rotation of the handle of the Sixty2. Very bad, because less tortuous exhaust emerges more views of the mini-doble L, although less well finished as the block of 803 cm3, but remain very attractive, with their many fin and worked casings.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review

Small power machine

The throttle response is immediate. However, changes at low speed is not the most pleasant in Sixty2, their twins 399 cm3 accept with difficulty to evolve under 3500 r / min in recent reports. After this course, which stops renacler to distill his power very? Reasonable linearly, before quickly losing strength in the race of 6000 turns. Here, the couple is enough to optimize the time, however, we often find ourselves playing the selector. At least the clutch is soft but as the 800, the selection box is already inaccurate times generates false reports Sixty2, unfortunately.
Registered in 168 km/h maximum speed meters seem consistent for this little engine Desmodromic. Of course, like the 800 Scrambler, the Sixty2 is intended for mainly urban and peripheral areas even riding on the trails passable. However, is not too much torture to his driver during road transfers, where 130 km/h on the block still mouline to 7250 rev/min. Of course should cling to its wide and high handlebars to not play standards, but felt vibrations from the middle range are filtered.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review

Smashing derivable on any track

In the city or on winding roads, the Sixty2 looking shine because of their agility and speed. Zigzagging in traffic is so easy to turn in the province, which is more in keeping with the clean relaxed driving for Ducati Scrambler position. Also beginners, since they are, users enjoy much rigor in the angle, even having to deal with the drought of his classic fork unlike in the 800 on the rough asphalt. However, the sixties by retains good skills on the roads thanks to its large deflections, beneficial for the distance to the ground, and the driving position between the quite possible feet off-roading.
The brakes, the Sixty2 is less well equipped with 800. His clip two pistons, which covers a single 320 mm disc, offers much less bite and the power that the “4-piston radial” and large 330 mm 800 drive. It takes shot hard pull to get satisfaction, with an unconvincing feeling lever key. Behind it is worse… but ultimately it isn’t better than the 800! However, we really appreciate the setting of ABS, intrusive, roundness and Pirelli MT60 tyres adhesion and the perfect maintenance of Sixty2 in a sudden braking. A. Despite the travel fork, wooden horse effect is limited.

Ducati Scrambler 400 Sixty2 Review

Test Conclusion: Question is it better… A2?

Cute, the Sixty2 neo-retro, large gommards generously sculptured draws attention by its forms and colors the best effect of the “old school”. It adapts perfectly to the current trend of motorcycles simple and lookees. But the driving force is to recognize that what really moves with 800 face difficulty, the latter much more fun and less accessible end. Therefore, that is what frankly questions the relevance of this Sixty2, not so much by its position in the Italian range – 400 is obviously a place – by its unjustified prices.
Due to its team with a discount classic fork, beam of steel, front brake light and reduced engine of 50%, which offers far less than the great… priced very close. Indeed, after its launch successfully in 2015, Ducati has raised the price of 800 this year, from €8.590 to €8.990 for the red icon + €100 for the yellow color. Or “only” €1,000 more than the Sixty2 sold it, from €7.990. If he concluded by recalling that one and the other are accessible to the A2 permission, you have to understand what cannot Scrambler that advise top that you turn to.

Positive Findings Negative Findings
Look and colour vintage Engine performance
Taken in hand Price
Agility Equipment
Off road ability
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