Harley-Davidson Custom Roadster with Naked Design

Besieged Harley-Davidson is being made on all fronts and respond to the new Victory Octane features the Harley-Davidson Roadster 2016. This new representative of the Sportster range commitment to minimalism and design naked compete in performance and remembering the classic sport bikes.

Harley-Davidson Custom Roadster with Naked Design

The price of this roadster in Spain part of 13.100 euros for the version in color Vivid Black, 250 Euros more for variants with a color and 550 euros more for two-tone versions.

Its technical name is XL 1200CX, although in practice he returned to be a rehash of what is already known in the Sportster range and its Evolution V-Twin engine to 45 ° air-cooled 1,202 cc and 97 Nm of torque at 4,250 rpm. The change is 5-speed and medium homologated consumption of 4.9 liters per 100 km.

Harley-Davidson Custom Roadster with Naked Design

Among other dynamic innovations is introduced a new geometry of the chassis to improve the agility of the direction, aided by a new fork of 43 mm and specific post. Adjustable double rear shock pre-load is also specific, on the line to this variant in the curves faster. Brakes are double piston in both axes.

Aesthetically the most striking is the rear fender trim, which gives personality to this Roadster against other versions Sportster. It is less custom than other models to raise their tandem seat to 785 mm from the ground and lowering the height of the handlebar, while lightweight 5-spoke wheels are 19 and 18 inches respectively. The custom sound is guaranteed with your Shorty escapes.

12,5 litre capacity tank features a neutral design and special vinyl, while 259 kg kerb weight allows some ease in driving, which is what is ultimately the model. Will it convince less genuine Harley-Davidson customer?

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