BW650 Classified Quad Tires Motorbike

The United States motorcycle preparers one that has more personality is Classified motorbike, famous for being the creators of one of Daryl in ‘The Walking Dead’ bikes. But they also have other projects, notably the Classified Moto BW650, a Honda XR650L endurance 1996 converted into a dark beast that is equipped with quad tires. However, Ryland classified Moto offers a fund revisited full appearance of a symbol of motorcycle:

BW650 Classified Quad Tires Motorbike

Suzuki Van Van. This small capacity – 125 cm3 landed on the beaches, in the 1970s with the promise of going any further… and a pump of bicycle in the event of a puncture. His Japanese name means also “always running” in French. In this pioneering spirit, American Honda XR650L workshop again challenging for the Chronicle. Serious blog of Chris Anderson’s “Bike Exif” is remembered. In fact, this is the Assembly. “A big middle finger to all Internet commentators who pour their murderous critic, since raised the eyes for a few minutes on a motorcycle that’s not understand the process in which the hours of work to get to a machine of this type”. If one is tempted to stop for a moment of reflection to appropriate this observation applies to many areas including ours, he is preferred, however Ryland understand the process and craftsmen. If the ad Moto workshop nothing for you, the fans walking them dead have admired one of his creations.

BW650 Classified Quad Tires Motorbike

In March 2015, the Daryl bike it promised in the new season of the series. In a Honda CB750, the mounting was used to send Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, happily tapping to the zombie. The BW650, which was not designed to achieve a series of post-apocalyptic universe. It is composed of elements of Honda and Yamaha. Chassis, tank, wheel and brakes before the first; wheels and rear brakes of loans to Yamaha. But what is striking at first sight are the giant tire in ITS black diamond. It is a preparation of Classified Moto level 5 maximum, so it can be customized from 33,000 dollars, a few 29.200 euros at current Exchange.

BW650 Classified Quad Tires Motorbike
The original bike is air-cooled 644 cc, single cylinder engine 61 HP of power and 64 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The rest is a spectacular compendium that includes extra elements:

Here are some spec and features :

  • Yamaha WR250R 2014 cradle.
  • Custom post.
  • Honda ATC250R front rim.
  • Honda XL600R front brake.
  • Yamaha BW200 rear rim.
  • Rear suspension single Progressive Suspension 465.
  • Triumph Sprint ST 2006 swingarm.
  • Tyres STI Black Diamond.
  • Honda CM185T tank modified.
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust.
  • Personalized admission.
  • Acewell Digital instrumentation.
  • Shorai lithium-ion battery
  • Custom leather seat.

That, triple front lighthouse and keel specific to minimally protect the engine make a difference engine. What a pass.

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