Harley Davidson XL1200CX Sportst Roadster Mechanism

Closer to the philosophy of the European motorcycle, the new Harley-Davidson XL1200CX Roadster has significant differences with the well-known American Sportster.
After the trial, dissected in detail of Sportster Roadster XL1200CX:
Price: from €12,590
Colors: black Matt, grey and black, black, Red
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor, unlimited mileage
Availability: May 2016
Approval: permission A2 Euro 3

Harley Davidson Sportster Roadster XL1200CX_1216x800

XL1200CX Engine:

The engine is not the greatest turmoil in this model, designed by the way, with a cost of controlled development, as usual at Harley-Davidson, Builder King of economy of scale. So we have this XL1200CX the famous and now known twin evolution v opened to 45 °. A double air-cooled and internal it retains long called ratings fell: the diameter of the piston (88.9 mm) below his career (96.8 mm). Engines of this type are also increasingly rare in the market, but this requirement is part of the technical heritage of the Motor Company.

Take note, Harley-Davidson has reworked a bit engine this Roadster, in tandem mapping / on, so that you can take lightly regime as the block of forty-eight. If the values are virtually no revised upward 0.1 daN.m only 9.7 Nm, Max torque regime becomes 3 500 rev / min to 4250 rev / min does not indicate a useful progress in terms of approval everyday example best maximum torque to less speed to enjoy better times without having that ‘touch’ on the engine.
The staging of the 5-speed gearbox does not differ from 48. There is also a final drive belt with an identical report. In this sporty model, Harley-Davidson could probably shorten the gear to increase the nervousness, shame. In addition, while we were waiting to see arriving first approved Euro4 Sportster Roadster with this, it is not. The XL1200CX Sportster Roadster is still certified Euro3 (25/04/16) and will remain so until the fateful date of January 1, 2017. However, it will not disappear, for sure next year. Giant Harley-Davidson, like other manufacturers, to buy time and wait until the last moment to achieve compliance. By the way, the brand managers have ensured that, with some range of motion, the Sportster range will be repeated in 2017, with the Euro4 seal.

The Chassis:

The part cycle receives more intent, with a good play by the side of the shaft. Harley-Davidson wanted to increase the distance to the ground, increasing comfort and improve the dynamic behaviour of the Sportster. He was successful in all points without making a provided pullman. The front end looks a large 43 mm inverted fork and reinforced sides. This fork is not entirely new, since it uses the first XR 1200 pods. However, springs and shock absorbers are specific. Secondary well calibrated hydraulic damping, the configuration is ignored. On the back is a pair of shock absorbers in the longer race. Satisfactory, these devices have only a preload adjustment. Harley-Davidson could tell us about the values deflections site, which would be higher by about 35 mm values known in the forty-eight, primo thinning.
XL1200CX Roadster also has brakes stronger, with dual 300 mm front disc rub two-piston floating calipers. While for the price that may be eligible for 4 Pistons, all proof enough and measurable, even in constant use. ABS, supplied by Bosch, serially, in anticipation of a future Euro4 approval. Tires are new. They have a complex design with crossed sticks. Harley-Davidson says that this design increases rigidity. The size of these wheels is also original: 19-inch front, 18-inch back, all with fairly narrow Dunlop Tires: AV 120/70-150/70 rear. The grip is good, but this will mount specific will not easily replaced by other references.

Harley Davidson XL1200CX Sportst Roadster Mechanism
Hand geometry, if we take all the Sportster range, the new Roadster has a distance (1505 mm) longer wheelbase and a more closed the steering column angle (28: 9). This shows the selection of Harley-Davidson to increase stability directional and stability in curves, while the improvement of the liveliness of the front axle. It should recognize that the dynamic behavior of the Roadster is much higher than the rest of the family.

Manufacturing equipment:

Premieres in the middle years (16.5), the Sportster Roadster uses many elements of brand known. Therefore, it is distinguished by its part cycle basically. It also uses a new lowered handlebar, which means greater support at the front. The angled wrist position feels slow, especially in the city, without the stress of a real sport bike offered. However, along the way, this helps to control the ergonomics of the front axle and also increases alertness. The instrument panel is reduced to a great counter / account of Central Towers equipped with a digital window that provides information about the speed of motor, gear position, a clock, two partial trips, the average consumption. In short, everything you need every day except no fuel gauge, always present in the Sportster family anyway.
Saddle, buried and micro-perforated, is located 785 mm above the ground. A reasonable height at all, so it is accessible to the template of around 1 m 65. She is comfortable enough. The stems, the brand standard, have always dissociated intermittent commands, a dedicated button on the emergency lights and one to navigate information in the digital window.

Manufacturing quality equipment, the Roadster remains true to what we know within the Sportster range. Materials are noble, with the ubiquitous use of metal, however, it is remarkable and the front fender is made of plastic. The painting is still good, but the connections of the bike too visually exposed other manufacturers to achieve better than equally bare models. Some details of the manufacturing or design may also surprise. Include the branch of the rear-view mirror left coming to hinder the hand (if your glove includes protection) during the movement of the wrist. This does not happen against the handlebars as the branch of the mirror is not screwed in one place. The sheath of the clutch cable already included marks of wear at the end of this trial. The cause is the use of iron clutch cable, which would be too long here. This configuration can cause a rapid wear of the sheath and Harley-Davidson could probably fit the Roadster another cable and a specific case in the future. Finally, even if it’s more than an aesthetic detail, trim the rear Spades they don’t cache unlike a forty-eight for example and leave coarse visible welds. It is regrettable in a motorcycle that price.

Harley-Davidson Sports Roadster 2016
Roadster Test Technical Data:

Engine: 1202 cm 3, 4-stroke, 2-cylinder in V, 88.9 mm diameter x 96.8 mm, air cooled, stroke fell distribution, 2 soup. / cyl, electronic fuel injection, 5-speed gearbox, final drive and timing belt. NC power, torque 9.7 m.daN to the 4 250 rev / min
Chassis: Steel frame, steel sub-frame telescopic AV fork North Carolina Deb, two adjustable shocks AR Deb NC, AV brake 300 mm in diameter, 2-piston 2 – disc disc diameter 300 mm, 2 Pistons, ABS series clamp, rear tires front 120/70 x 19 x 18 AR 150/70
Template: 2,185 mm length, hunting 140 / 28.9 ° angle, the height of the seat 785 mm, wheelbase 1,505 mm, 12.5 litre tank, 259 kg kerb weight
Performance: Speed Top 180 km/h meters, average consumption NM test

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