Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built Bunker Custom Turkish Motorcycle

It was hoped the Yamaha XSR700 the new star of Yamaha construction of preparations and it confirmed with Yamaha construction XSR700 site by Bunker motorcycles Custom of Turkey. This creation of the mind is registered fully followed in the Yard of the integrated mind, because it gives you new genes to this retro motorcycle without touching its main mechanical components.Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built Bunker Custom Turkish

Yamaha part at Istanbul, Turkey, to work with a new Member of the family courtyard of building, Bunker Custom motorcycles. The brothers CAN and Mert Uzer are preparers like other custom motorcycles. It CAN is an exceptional, Member of the team of Turkey Vans skate, skater while Mert constuire motorcycle began full time after a career in digital advertising.

The duo has attracted the attention and interest of Yamaha Motor Europe through this very personal reinterpretation of the SR 500 Yam from 1982. This custom classic Yamaha is distinguished by very perfected his craft and the harshness, but especially by its excellent driving ability. Thus was born the collaboration with the courtyard of building. In recent months, the two brothers worked hard to add button Bunker custom Yamaha XSR 700 to finally get a tracker style sturdy machine that seems ready to jump on the beach, mountain roads and much more.

Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built Bunker Custom Turkish

The brothers Uzer Mert Can and Istanbul are those who sign this mount, remarkable for the following details:

  • Wheel 19 inch front
  • Elevated sitting to 60 mm.
  • Lining Blue Suede seats.
  • High exhaust on the left side.
  • Tank covers, side panels, wings, base fascias of radiator and aluminum custom seat.
  • Headband anodized aluminium for the deposit.
  • High Renthal handlebar.
  • Inverted fork in MT – 09 draw.
  • Wheels Super Ténéré.
  • Tires Goldentyre GT201.
  • 5.5 inch halogen floodlight.
  • Free ground of 200 mm clearance.
  • Catalyst Akrapovic.

Commented by Cristian Barelli, Coordinator, Marketing Yamaha Europe.“I am very impressed with Mert Can work and realized in this team,”  “For me, the important thing is that they have been kept of agility and power characteristics of the XSR 700, adding their distinctive paw to show if the XSR 700 on a brand new day.

Yamaha XSR700 Yard Built Bunker Custom Turkish

Brake and clutch; foot and extension of the lateral leg for Yamaha. All of this without touching anything that is very appropriate for the dual nature of engine preparation. It is a Jammer with 80 s watching this can be achieved in all the creations of yard built with a kit provided by the processor without changing the bike frame.

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