BMW K100 RT in Street Tracker by Ismael Lam Café Racer

The world of motorbikes preparations is very varied, with creations ranging from the excessive and expensive than concrete and the adjusted price. For the latter is up BMW K100 ‘La Malagueña’ custom by Ismael Lam Café Racer Warrior Passion. With a ceiling of 2,800 euros the approval of all its elements to the spirit and the work has been done with this BMW K100 RT is remarkable.

BMW K100 RT in Street Tracker by Ismael Lam Café Racer

Here are the changes made in BMW K100 RT in Street Tracker:

  • Elimination of full fairing, the three bags and plastics.
  • Modified chassis from scratch with a steel pipe of the same diameter as the original.
  • Yet once again, the aircraft and the form of the new seat subframe.
  • Cleaning of components and parts that were under the seat.
  • Box hand satin painted black steel for the battery.
  • Taping of 4 collectors with color band anticalorica of titanium.
  • Manufacture of exhaust common 4 in 1 job with angle inclined.
  • Replacement of the exhaust by a shorter ball in black type.
  • Changing the angle of the shock absorber rear.
  • craft creation of plate holder, subject to fire back and flashing to be approved.
  • Type oval taillight with integrated light, flashing lights and new type of Lighthouse bates.
  • Fists modelled Biltwell Brown diamonds.
  • TRW handlebar under approved.
  • round mirror small and subject to the size of your fist.
  • Fenders custom fiber hand.
  • Bellows in the front suspension.
  • Pulls sandblasted and powder coating in black satin.
  • Metzeler Lasertec tires for the city and Dunlop D602 for follow-up use.
  • Support Lighthouse before and intermittent crafts.
  • Koso numeric marker suitable for the original wiring K100.
  • Clausor boot placed on the side.
  • Renovation of plastics and rubbers.
  • Electrical system controlled under the tank.
  • Engine paint and other detailed pieces.
  • The fuel tank, custom paint with Brown, silver and Golden line.

As you can see it takes only a plan and a few thousand euros to give new life to this veteran motorcycle that needs fresh impetus.

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