Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review

Harley-Davidson Low Rider S is for fans of big torque and sports in the United States, of course. Its twin 1,801 cm3 not lace, which is put to the test! You are invited to rain on our way driving, not just cats and dogs, but not a continuous drizzle is sufficient to absorb the bitumen. It is everything you need to get waste oil and make the grip precarious during the first kilometers on two wheels.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review On Board of the new Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, best to keep a cool head, because with his partner tractor, each results optimistic stimulus in a sliding the rear tire and still plenty! While the bike is almost straight and is in progress, is almost as long wheelbase additional stimulant (1630 mm) ensures good stability. However, even in curves or under the heavy influence of engine braking, becomes more acrobatic. Fortunately, 20 km away, the pavement dries again. Great!

Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review
Dark Custom S Series

The new Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S is a variation of the Dyna Low Rider, well-known in the United States brand model and has a career almost continuously for more than 20 years since age 90 1340 Low Rider Sport therefore new low rider S swell family “Dark Custom” by the presentation and S series through their high drive power. 2.39 meters long, super low Saddle (685 mm), completely covered in black with the exception of some wheels of chrome and gold, the United States has a muscular appearance as class. Difficult not to mention a car muscle which would have been staying sober…
The finish is clean, abundant and metal while racing air filter adds a sporty touch. In a nutshell, this damn wanted Low Rider S. height seat is obviously a problem. Orders feet, which is in the central position as Harley-Davidson emphasizes small templates saving excessively soft legs. Finally, in the case, is rather great suffering to its knees brush against the handle when the completely diverted. This handlebar, precisely, which requires a minimum of reach the stop, but still manageable scale. However, with its very long bridges, but is also very high, perhaps a little too much in the field of small templates.Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review

Reinforced clutch that is necessary

For this S Low Rider Harley-Davidson has chosen what is better nowadays there are catalogs of United States: the cooled two-cylinder Twin Cam 110 air and revised by Screamin’Eagle. With 1,801 cm3 and 15.6 daN.m torque delivered to only 3500 r / min, says it all! The sound, even approved, does not disappoint. The famous “potato potato” is already notable and overflowing cone air filter lets out a slight suction noise point Screamin’Eagle that had to work to achieve the standards of sound. Finally, this same filter racing benefits ergonomics, since it replaces the famous housing standard against which the right ball comes to rest frequently. Despite the lack of balancers this is not a Twin Cam B, vibration, finally, are contained in comparison with what we have had in other Dyna. For the pair in the back without missing a beat, Harley-Davidson has reinforced clutch and is noticed on the remote control cable which shows the farm. Over time, you are asked to the fist in the city. The selection is also a little difficult, but no more than most “big twin” Made in Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review
A true racing car!

If the rider S low they can intimidate detainee – mouth, couples XXL and 305 kg kerb – doubts disappear quickly after a few hundred meters. As always with this type of motorcycle, the low center of gravity that bitumen and “open” geometry the fork is not too upright as a sport help facilitate the hands of commitment. To navigate in traffic, just keep in mind the length of the bike. Then slips easily playing the quarter turn handle, or more widely than is necessary to make almost anything with wheels. Finally, since it doesn’t rain, because in the pavement wet, great couples reminds you immediately to his good memory by activating beautiful slides… Without traction control, here we find the “charm” of a mechanic without filter, which requires “active surveillance”, in short, the pilot.
Quickly, suspensions high-end, luxury in the S-series requires demonstrate adequate cushioning. IIIC, the surprise slump won’t ruin a vertebra, a sample of approval as I ride every day! However, that great engine air cooled doesn’t like recurring stops along the boulevards, the heat that escapes calls to quickly find another space game. Neither one nor two, last opening storm with tire suffered back pain and we are on the way!

Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review
Healthy and intoxicating

Already impressive in the first kilometers of the city, the large twin 110 continues to impress on the road. The ardor of his family, which is growing strongly on the back down between 4500 and 2500 rev/min, is a constant source of pleasure. It’s abuse of low rpm to enjoy one and again raises muscle… addicting! Everything without problems and with a dose with onions while that some big American twins sometimes do not seem to match air petrol in mixture gas of network / very depleted requires. In this Low Rider S, flexibility at low revs married with canonesques times without the slightest imperfection, what more?
In fact, this engine is that if a player wants still more… So when pulling second or third base, for example, U.S. twin stops too abrupt momentum by cutting the power at 5500 rev / min. The limiter breaks a little the atmosphere between two curves, for example, while the engine seems to come up… Obviously, this is not the sending of the valves in the piston, and understands that Harley-Davidson has decided to preserve the reliability. In fact, use quick or athletic nickname, is essential to keep an eye on the tachometer and not leave that ennivrer happily…

Harley-Davidson Low Rider 2016 S Test and Review
Once assimilated properly, can enjoy the full potential of the rider S bass, always a healthy behavior, even on winding roads. Certainly, the distance to the ground (30.5 ° angle maximum tilt before that the footrest or the pots are scraping the asphalt) and general inertia will be quick to temper heat anyway, to comfortable pace but far from… braking with their three albums, is sufficient. Low Rider S not braking for example as XDiavel Ducati, but gives no cold sweats also.

Test Balance Sheet: wicked delicious

Of course, there are more versatile range Harley-Davidson. But that is not the vocation of S. Alta with this muscular super dark “custom” S-series, that the pleasure rider, especially at times of acceleration or provided to aim only… Here are motor sensations which have priority, even if the Low Rider S is still comfortable enough to drive every day, docile, if reason prevails and all full of character with the usual airs. This is another “bubble of freedom” at the time of the systematic automated sanction. It is by paying the penny to five digits for access to the charms of this beautiful bad girl:

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