Honda CB Neo-retro Concept in Osaka

Honda presented the Osaka living a rock of its neo-retro version. A concept that is very similar to a series of machine. The Hall of Osaka is not the hottest in the world, but at the beginning of the spring, which allows manufacturers to give some specific ideas of models that are currently developing an opportunity that Honda is not lost. Since competition redoubled intensity in the neo-retro segment, the brand winged previously could depend on a CB in the year 1100 certainly very well built but wise.

Honda CB Neo-retro Concept in Osaka

However, things should move quickly, as evidenced by the concept which has been presented. CB concept of type 2 the name is clear: is indeed a part of CB 1100. and the engine are identical to the model currently on the market. However, as revealed by the pictures, the appearance of the machine is marked contrast with what Honda proposed so far. Showa fork of big diameter, Brembo radial calipers, a flat bar, alloy wheels of 17 inch, special exhaust, seat cover: there is in the good CB but almost wicked coffee broker. The bad seed? It could be said that this concept is similar to the special series Bad Seeds Honda France and only this subsidiary released in small amounts if two years ago.Honda CB Neo-retro Concept in Osaka

But do not comply with the Bad Seeds hex, but reproach the BMW R NINET or Triumph Thruxton than this CB type 2 appears to have been developed. Their arrival has not been announced officially yet Honda also highlights ostensibly is just a concept, but according to our information, the production version is indeed scheduled and should soon. Best: in fact this concept announce several CB 1100 more blatant than the current model. Including the famous CB 1100 R, sea serpent-shaped corridor was waiting a decade? Recently, the approval documents suggest…

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