BMW Motorrad has Rental Option of Bike

In the world of bike rental options are much less developed than cars, but BMW Motorrad seems to want to change this reality. They come to launch the initiative BMW Motorrad renting a rental program in collaboration with the specialist in rental of the alphabet in which is BMW Motorrad, which takes care of everything concerning the maintenance of the bike, it differs therefore from leasing.

BMW Motorrad has Rental Option of Bike

This mode is mainly intended for the management of the fleet, although it is not left to individuals, professionals or public institutions.

There are the associated advantages:

  1. Outsourcing services related to its fleet by a specialized company.
  2. Special discounts on the purchase of the vehicle and the services.
  3. The ownership of the vehicle on behalf of the leasing (unlike rental) company.
  4. tax deductible expenses.
  5. Avoid the power of obsolescence to renew the contract after the date limit.

The currently available models are the BMW F 700 GS from 227 EUR per month excluding VAT, the BMW C-Electric Evolution of 262 euros, the BMW C 650 Sport from 270 euros and the BMW R 1200 RT from 353 euros. It is certainly not the more usual to take advantage of a motorcycle, although everything is to assess whether the accounts and compensates for saving all the hassle of maintenance and concecuecias clear deterioration of the unit.

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