Pikes Peak and the Tourist Trophy Victory Motorcycles With William Dunlop

Closed Wednesday, June 8 at 16:45, motorcycles involved in the category zero of the famous Tourist Trophy Isle of Man TT will start their race. This opportunity for the American manufacturer to start the RR victory. As machine adapted for the win!Pikes Peak and the Tourist Trophy Victory Motorcycles With William Dunlop

The ascent of Pikes Peak and the Tourist Trophy… Victory motorcycles continues to align itself with the most prestigious races in the world. If the appointment of United States, combustion and electric motor will be part of a side of the Isle of Man, victory was based on the experience of Brammo to design a new, more effective model, Victoria RR.

For the occasion, will be the handle of a regular discipline, William Dunlop, which is none other than the brother of Michael Dunlop. 30-year-old pilot from Northern Ireland will have the heart to climb the top step of the podium this RR victory, to the delight of the brand leaders, but also to future consumers, since the victory uses these demanding races to develop their future models for the public in general.

According to Mr. Alex Hultgren, Marketing Manager for victory motorcycles:

“With the initiatives of the Victoria racing, is a way of constantly pushing the performance.” The Tourist Trophy of the Isle of Man is one of the world’s toughest cycling races, so of course you have to be there. ”

Brian Wismann, Director de Carreras de la Victoria Said:

“Our machine electric Empulse RR is mounted on the third step of the podium in the race TT zero in 2015, and we were delighted. The use of the data that we have collected in this TT, which enabled us to develop a new battery module improvement while the drive line. We believe that we can go back to the TT with more performance and to be able to test this technology for future products. ”

If you need a couple of weeks to – maybe – see the shine of victory RR TT zero in the Isle of Man, we already know the ship develops less than 170 HP and weighs “only” 240 kilograms. See you next month of June in www.motorevue.com of the results of the races!

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