Electric Scooters in Cityscoot Free Service Company

June 21 is the Festival of music in the streets, but the capital also will be able to enjoy the silence of the electric scooters in Cityscoot free service company…

Electric Scooters in Cityscoot Free Service Company

private enterprise opened in March 2014, Cityscoot not less than one million euros invested in the development of their technology in order to offer to the Parisians to potential users for now…, the provision of electric scooters in access open (7 days 7 from 7 to 23 h), distributed in the heart of the capital. And that’s on 21 June that users will enjoy 150 scooters provided by Cityscoot before proposing gradually up to 1000 scooters in the Center of Paris, in the first quarter of 2017.

First city to benefit from this service should allow Paris to aim Cityscoot 5000 users in the first month of operation. A figure that is expected to increase tenfold with the expansion of the fleet of scooters that will be available in the coming months. And to finish this great day, not less than 7 months of experimentation they were needed with 50 scooters available and more than one thousand users. You have to allow that Cityscoot to correct some details in order to offer users a virtually perfect copy for the launch.

Minute Prices

If one can compare to Cityscoot Autolib, on the paper, which is far away. In fact, the reservation system developed by Cityscoot is completely new and fully connected: no key, no there is no magnetic card, reservation or load terminal… To enjoy it, just download the application Cityscoot (iPhone and Android), by which users can locate a scooter available, view their autonomy and book for free for 10 minutes, the time to go to the bike. A simple four-digit code received through the application unlocks the bike and have access to the town approved – adjustable in size of the user’s head – as well as hygiene disposable hats, before heading out to the highway.

In terms of rates, and if the home is completely free, which will have a cost of €0.28 including VAT per minute. For frequent users, who can buy packages CityRider minutes. For 100 minutes, it takes €25 and 500 minutes is €100.

More info and additional information you can access on the cityscoot.eu official website.

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