Ducati Monster 1200 to MV Agusta by Catfish Pepo XTR

The activity of the Spanish coach Pepo XTR is internationally recognized, although in this case also a value at home in confident Ducati Spain a new creation. The Catfish by XTR Pepo is a perfect opportunity to see what can be done with a Ducati Monster 1200 S and the result is not too far from the more aggressive than the Brutale Dragster MV Agusta.
Ducati Monster 1200 to MV Agusta by Catfish Pepo XTRDucati Monster 1200 to MV Agusta by Catfish Pepo XTR
These are some key features of the work done on the Catfish bike, with collaboration many parts of the Ducati Performance:
  • Optics before custom.
  • Modified CUPOLINO Ducati Monster.
  • Protectors in carbon for the belt removed.
  • Modified initial deposit back.
  • Plastic lids removed the engine and the radiator.
  • Reposition wiring.
  • Battery in a box inside the swingarm.
  • Ducati Performance of bumper back with Portamatriculas.
  • Series polished swingarm.
  • Protectors Swingarm Ducati Performance.
  • Ducati Performance indicators LED.
  • Ducati Performance Protector water machining pump.
  • Footrest Ergal machining Ducati Panigale Ducati Performance.
  • Ducati Performance of machining Crown protection.
  • Tsubaki golden chain.
  • Support custom footrest XTR.
  • RAD seat 02 Simple EVO with integrated light.
  • XTR custom subframes.
  • XTR for the seat upholstery.
  • Escape-XTR 2 in 1 SUPERMARIO.
  • Modified Multistrada 1200 Termignoni silencer.
  • Ohlins suspensions.
  • Painting Artenruta.Ducati Monster 1200 to MV Agusta by Catfish Pepo XTR
Very attached to the series, but with modifications, just to see the hand of XTR. Very appetizing.
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