Bott XR1R Introduced the Bottpower Spanish Bike at Pikes Peak V-Twin

We maintain with the festival preparations Spanish bikes in recent weeks. Now is Bottpower with David Sanchez in lacquer head introduced the Bottpower Bott XR1R. It is a unique version Bottpower circuit XR1 Bott, configured as an atypical engine V-twin of a Buell Supermotard.

Bott XR1R the Bottpower Spanish Bike

The device is a prototype of the pictures with that track trials will be conducted in the coming months to improve the formula. The goal is nothing more and nothing less to compete in Pikes Peak in 2017, for what they are trying to find sponsors.

These are some key performed on Bott XR1 bike:

  • Frame in titanium instead of steel.
  • Electronic competition with the Euro4 EFI unit.
  • Adjustable traction control.
  • Three cards of power.
  • Launch Control.
  • Pit-lane speed limiter.
  • Telemetry full.
  • New position of the front of the engine oil cooler.
  • Starter removal which reduces the weight of 8 pounds.Bott XR1R the Bottpower Spanish Bike

After testing a machine, it should reach more than 150 horses and 150 kilos less of weight, a creation for example measuring 156 project Victory. Pity that technical regulations do not allow them to compete with ambitious titanium chassis, who hopes to compare development tests with steel Evolved.

A very interesting to monitor project.

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