Yamaha MT-09 Called 900 Liner Yamaha 2016

Do not call more liner MT-09, but 900 liner Yamaha Continuing the road trail to the MT-07, 700 liner called roadster, MT-09 liner also had the opportunity to change its trade name. From now on will be called liner 900…

Yamaha MT-09 Called 900 Liner Yamaha 2016

Forget the dark side of Japan, greet life’s journey. After the presentation to the press of 700 liner Yamaha, currently reading the 4032 Moto Revue, this is how our journalist opens your document about how to test the new Yamaha.

In fact, the three forks brand wanted and simply break with MT family and its “Dark Side of Japan” side, now with 700 liner under the commercial banner “The ways of life”, what the case of draw the other, which has 850 3 cylinder cm3 online!? It is therefore natural that the MT-09 liner call since its official launch in November 2014 sees fame today to become Yamaha 900 liner.

But rest assured for the rest, nothing changes. The cocktail is always very pleasant to the taste and the price is always displayed in €10.199. It is €2,200 more than her younger mean already model bike, the liner Yamaha 700…

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