BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test

With this new Scrambler is the neo-retro range BMW is expanding in September 2016. However, what really is this variation in the fashion of the famous T nine? Here is our opinion at the end of his first trial.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test

Finally, here is the BMW R NINET Scrambler! It first appeared in November of 2015, has been presented today in your production version of its first dynamic test, the heart of July. But cannot imagine discovering tomorrow in its representation, its commercial launch in France was arrested the 17 of September, 2016 for a harvest of 2017 and will therefore have to wait a bit or pass a backorder for the impatient. Some will say that this strategy is likely to wake up envy among customers, therefore, await the arrival of the Scrambler instead of signing a purchase order with a competitor, flying the flag of the British by not talking about it. In all modes, line by line, the new BMW Nueve-T Scrambler to our provision for its first test official. But let me grey! By luck, not there is more than a just color…

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test

NINET costume, makeup Scrambler

From far and near, one easily recognizes the BMW nine T, which refused. The line general of the new Scrambler is maintains close, despite the profusion of parts specific. Is an advantage of the light of the initial pencil trait that has made so many imitators? Is a disadvantage to differentiate the models? Each judge, finally, some regret style Scrambler a bit too sharp. But the exit is imminent, get on board.
Located at 820 mm, seat is quite handy in the feeling to the of the lowest actually still Nueve-T with 785 mm. Footrest is have reduced and a little remote, but not is very obvious either. Nothing changed for the handlebar and, ultimately, isn’t the ergonomics of the success of the Nueve-T with very good feeling of being one with a motorcycle equipped with a tank long enough to impose the light down. In summary, I feel at home! By the discovery of the motorcycle, that is a good point, but good variation respecting the Scrambler probably deserved an ergonomics more singular, perhaps with a handlebar more high, for example? We will pass.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test
From, rahhh, it is good to hear the Crackle of Akrapovic muffler! Fans of the sound Nueve-T sauce Boxer engine will be relieved to know that the Scrambler variant always gives voice! On the other hand, despite its Euro4 approval that might have feared the worst, if not simply the disappearance of the old air-cooled flat! UF… The first step is always sounds while that evolution inevitably recall the Nueve-T, with light additional ounce of driving feeling side.

The engine tone in question

During the first five kilometers, we have been able to open widely on several occasions. The opportunity to see what amounts to a loss of the engine tone at low speeds. An embargo, the overspeed of the boxer engine still has a character very alert. It always goes up very quickly in the diet, but it seems less hard pull on the arm as the nine T, especially in the first three reports already low speeds. You might think that it would be unlikely to appear a change from an industrial point of view, especially for a desired decline in the more affordable. After several tests and Acceleration times, I cut my feelings with my colleagues and the information taken from BMW, the specific single injection mapping technicians to the Scrambler is responsible for one “strong response less”. Or, maybe is too soft this assignment? As aside, a technician tells me that the encoder could attract customers with less experience, which also explains this anti-aliasing behavior.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test
Even so, I do not think that the BMW R NINET Scrambler creeps. We are talking about an engine 1200 cm3 that spits out 110 HP yet. Boxer double remains a model of force capable of catapulting the rotation of the handle Scrambler! Live, he happily sings when it arises with this elasticity still important: in the sixth gear, it is possible to fall below 50 km / hy resume on a light throttle to accelerate more than 200 km/h (at a motorway)! Above all, its strong point is its beautiful roundness mid regimes and the usual steps, allowing for example advance in the latest report to 80 km / h with an instantaneous response. Sweetened the air with Euro4 flat? To chouilla, but remains in the handle!

A chassis is still formidable

Directed between Germany and Austria on more than 350 kilometers, this first test of the BMW NINET Scrambler has discovered routes wonderful, especially affectionate by them testers of the factory (except in November)… it via chosen has restricted to the minimum the motorway, both best, the R T nine Scrambler not has nothing that do there! Certainly, the slightly angled position in the front helps keep an honest 130 km/h on the average, but very firm seat invites you to find quickly a more tortuous route, calling to move aboard. And turns we’ve come in sufficient numbers anyway… to confirm the excellence of the chassis. Not there are surprises, not are, in general what makes that the strength of the Nueve-T. I.e. low retro feel false, a tubular frame carefully limited to the basics of an exceptional overall balance. With the Boxer engine, the center of gravity is significantly reduces the specificity of this range of BMW Motorcycle, and more in general of boxer engines and / or placed flat. This feature contributes to the remarkable agility of the Scrambler at all speeds. Investment in all circumstances is always an important moment of decline while the maneuverability at low speeds seems to have further increased the NINE T.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test

A nice seat that invites you to… break!

Drop fold at all is a formality aboard this Scrambler NINE T revealing a rigorous modern motorcycle. The accuracy of the front is certainly not the level of the of the nine T, which is more neutral when braking in curves, for example. As the traction in the corner or out of corners, with a sensation of tension is less Frank. Nothing alarming, obviously, and was of wait, given the presence of a front wheel of 19 inches and a pneumatic mounted types road of the trail: very good Metzeler Tourance following.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test
The brakes also shows a little less efficient. It is not surprising either, since most basic gauges encoder variant team. Not you can speak of the guilt at this level, so the behavior of the Scrambler appears healthy and playful. Not there is doubt of that many manufacturers are correspond with this level of behavior in their models retro. Mountain landscapes are developed, the returns are linked, and buttocks started to give signs of tiredness. The part of route indicates 130 km and not come to see what the autonomy side, but very firm foundation on which will have the last word! With regard to the comfort, the Salvation could come suspensions is elongated them deflections 5 mm front, rear 20 mm, but the quality of damping is passable, with a little of drying in them holes. Damage to a reasonable alternative Scrambler just collect more hazards of the road…

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test
You will understand, the original Scrambler, this variant of the BMW nine T resumes all the name and a vague stylistic inspiration, which obviously cannot compete with “real” trails or the contemporary incarnation of the genre. Released of the Group of taxis, took the opportunity of venture is in roads without paving, obviously visited by great 4 x 4 as is evidence by the marks left in the soil. And as you might expect, the BMW R NINET Scrambler without more to taste a better roadster suspended sample, a BMW R1200R would have continued without problems. hangers dry clearance holes, foot driving ergonomics maladjusted sticks rims are all negative signs for the practice of hiking country. It is still a powerful draw beautiful drifts in the gravel, thanks to excellent maneuverability at low speeds and the correct connection between the throttle and the rear tire.

BMW R NINE T Scrambler Review and Test

Test Result : Scrambler? Or not enough?

The BMW R Nueve-T has been and is a great success for BMW, including 1 145 records by 2015 and is still at the end of June 2016 572. The German car maker could not stay there, and it is this new Scrambler which comes the task of amplifying the neo dynamic retro in the range. From an aesthetic point of view, if this new still a very good bike, is mainly due to the original drawing that this shy finally stylistic evolution. Nothing looks more to an encoder from a nine, and this is what a bike of this type customer expect? With regard to the equipment or the finish of this decline (tank of steel-aluminum in the nine T; sticks rims out of it mind encoder-rays in them nine T; fender front of plastic, Lee hard, etc., that continues being hence can be intimidating nine T already is considered expensive taking in has its features). However, the Scrambler advance an argument strong with their costs trimmed € 1,850 € or 13,550 € 15.400 against them Nueve-T. But this criterion of selection can by itself only compensate these “inconvenience” to appreciate more the qualities dynamic family of the family nine T? Only them customers decide, continues being to control the market in the coming months…

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