Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer Bike from Custom KikiShop

The Festival of coffee Racer last weeks gives the information, the Suzuki SV650 of the runner of the coffee prepared by custom KikiShop is of that today, in the images. Enough to give you some new ideas based on the small Japanese roadster preparation.

Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer Bike from Custom KikiShop

A few days after the formalization of the version of the SV650 Scrambler, Suzuki offers today to see or see again for those who have had the opportunity to go to Cafe Racer Festival, Suzuki SV650 in the corridor of the coffee brewed to order KikiShop. This new SV650 based preparation was achieved after a competition launched on Facebook in which many fans have put their bit with the result that it has before.

preparation side, Custom KikiShop played a background map of the corridor of the coffee of unique project, which requires not less than 3 weeks of work to Jeremiah Magri, who is responsible for this metamorphosis. Therefore, the SV650 “Cr” must be equipped with:

  • The fairing half unprecedented.
  • Prepared seatpost.
  • Yoshimura exhaust GSX-R1000.
  • Bridgestone BT-003-RS.
  • Matte custom paint KSC.
  • Seat double and back.
  • Intermittent, foot lock Rhizome – half of racing handlebar mirror.
  • Support plate.

Jeremiah Magri, “Kiki customs shop”: “when I got the bike I was surprised her look, she is pretty and round Lighthouse gives it a vintage feel. The engine is from March of torque and super strong. I had the inspiration but saw the bike in my head, I wanted to make a practical machine and used! The hardest part was to adapt the half fairing with the meter and the original Lighthouse, that has to be functional and harmonious. ”

Suzuki SV650 Cafe Racer Bike from Custom KikiShop

Finally, remember that if you feel the need to do this preparation in its SV650, know that you can be closer to custom KikiShop. However, that will cost about €12,000, including bicycling. It is always good to know…

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