Triumph Bonneville T120 black

Triumph is the icon, but also the symbol of Palms which is the initiator. On the occasion of the launch of its last evolution, renamed T120, Bonneville has the intention of make a printing as your time, seems rather than never their estate in the century XXI.

Triumph Bonneville T120 black

The Bonneville through the ages and it seems to rejuvenate since it writes its history. But if it is constantly reinventing himself, same always stays within his mind that gave birth in 1959. 57 years later a record of longevity is the name still current and even dusts off the famous “T120” of the pioneer, then appointed 120 mph (miles / h or 193 km / h) that English boasted of reaching the top of his twins 649 cm3 give 47 horsepower. But those things have changed from 2016; the Bonneville seems a machine new, completely redesigned to symbolize the more high level of Palms.


Evolution in this revival, the engine, which goes squarely 1200 cm3 and superior, adopts liquid cooling. Features that will surely make good lovers of authenticity cough, but have the merit of opening the doors of the Euro 4 engine for the British while providing benefits for the less promising: it’s about 80 horses that s ‘ announced, but above 10.7 mkg from landing in very respectable speed 3100 rev / min.

We observe over time 270 ° of this twin, more promising than the previous-generation 360 tends to “smooth” excessively character. Certainly, the new Bonneville is no longer the old Sylph shown 166 kg in 1959 with 224 kg of matter dry is announced, but its size relatively compact rebuteront person. Therefore the generous padding indicator of seat height of 78.5 cm from the floor, while the wheelbase stays in 1,445 mm. A low enough line, flat embossed with a high class finish. The quality of construction in fact jumps to eyes through which details those flattering mechanics winner of appointments. The double was so you can look at each corner without itself open to criticism. Its housing molded surface treatment of granite through his deliciously retro rings exhaust, exhaust manifolds drawing their beautiful arabesques and cleverly masking their heart or their excellent case lid of bronze fake Carburetors, is stamped block 1200 HT high torque to make “high torque” warrants the show. Also has the good idea to hide skillfully its system of cooling liquid radiator placed vertically between them tubes of the box and also retains their fins with them edges polished in the head in this version black.

And the mechanics will not stop their way: is adopted for the occasion with an electronic system still lacks many modern machines. The new Bonneville and adorned with the type of electronic throttle Ride by Wire offers you two modes of driving, rain and road only the gas sensitivity is affected. In each of these modes are assigned a control switchable traction and ABS. What influence with the confidence of the new resources of this engine is now coupled to a child of six points? side aside, the T120 series continues the tradition of classicism, with a good steel tube double cradle antique frame, the conventional forks of 41 mm without establishing a couple of adjustable shocks preload and spoken wheels 18-inch front the flooring of the rooms thin gums instead of 100 mm and 150 mm back. Braking is simplicity with no floating 310 mm discs Nissin calipers signed two Pistons.


On the contrary, resemble teams once more evidence of the Triumph Bonneville care want to provide your: analog double gauge equipped with digital window of remote control relatively complete information, main stand, wide handle passenger, cuffs heated 3 steps, USB connector under the seat, daytime manual switching with low beam LED lights also return the Leds fire and shut-off valves of the tank now plug unfortunately not original. In short, the least we can say is that this new Bonneville knows to arouse desire. Thus, in the saddle!

The new Bonneville T120 promises much in the role. Promises which, fortunately, does not take long to materialize as soon as we take on board and that the mechanical snorts…

This is something gained: how restrictive Euro 4 standards, since they are, have not had reason in the soundtrack of big twins. Anyway, not that of the 2016 Bonneville Gougloutant wishing your idle without going into panic, however, the neighborhood, the only twin line now sounds good and seems deeply announce that its “high torque” name has nothing of usurped. The installation script is a mere formality, the reduction of the height of the seat of great help. The foot contact with the ground, the right arm and torso spaced reasonable, rattle double, is a short time to trigger the first. Before taking off, it is useful to learn about electronics. By default, the mode selected is the road. At the touch of your thumb right on the dedicated button, what rain can happen is if the floor is slippery. Please note that the Ride by Wire change calibration only can be done once in motion, which cut off gas supplies and withdrew. Then comes the turn of the order flanked by an “i” in the left side of the handlebar, which moves the information on the screen and turns off, depending on your state of mind, such as the traction control ABS that turn on automatically when each cut ignition.

Triumph Bonneville T120 black

One also can press the button cuffs heated discrete and adjust one of them three points strong of this team very valuable at the same time for it tomorrow still fresh. No longer starts the first report of the box six, taking into account the way in which the flexibility of the system antirrebote to the inevitable clutch. And if the weight of the Bonneville still feels well during some maneuvers cut motor, balance and neutrality of its parts of the cycle of it a good maneuverability at low speeds they offer. Certainly, 18-inch front wheel has a slight tendency to involve a change of direction, but the phenomenon is waning as the speed of the needle starts to ascend. T120 2016 harvest is clearly the comfort and offers outstanding soft cushioning, to clear irregularities in the coating. Therefore, thanks to the relaxed position, the first laps will operate with great confidence and the flexibility of double conjugation of its roundness in low revs as the lightness of the selection. However, the simplicity of these first operations was quick to pay in a more focused on pure strength record when the right wrist opens the throttle. The new motor torque then jumps to attack the Pirelli Phantom, showing that its design is as retro as its grip is on the agenda. The metamorphosis of the old Bonneville and its 865 cm3 credited with 6.9 mkg is impressive.

The sensations increase is associated with the new dynamic behavior, even if able to detect some shocks injection referred road in gas mode. Therefore, the breath of the new blocks and offers a performance without precedent in Bonnie. And if it is in the heart of shine in the central part of the tachometer, disdain not to venture near the red zone, which shows over its 80 HP are not trash. The disadvantage, this tone tends to undermine the simplicity of the parts of the vehicle. Therefore, if too brutal behavior, everything was disjointed and generates a few undulations as braking, but relatively little spoiled by nature, put a point of honor to curb with honor. There, when the maximum organ of nozzle sic, the inertia of the suspensions heckling mobile crew + mass general, who struggles to rein in its lack of sufficiently controlled movements of a hydraulic system. But all the world understands that the T120 nor has the intention of being competitive stages. For uniform winding curves of fat, low ground clearance wide curves remind the sporty and intimera order them to opt instead for some Thruxton, much more comfortable in the year which shares the same basic engine of €1,000 more as standard. Become more conciliatory at a pace for nipples footrest, but not devoid of muscle increases, is not the disconcerting simplicity of Twin announced by Instrumentation: with only 5 liters /100 km average value of verification when a comparison next obtained without search economy, promises to the English, thanks to its 14.5 liters can, to kill almost 300 kilometers before having to push!

Triumph Bonneville T120 black test

Nose to the wind, the softness of the mechanical know how changing, as sweet as fast, and that feeling of joy qu’ communicative Charmant both silence “salami” type that simply turn against the downturn. We ended up saying that we didn’t get to try the “Black” version, which is characterized by the almost total absence of chrome and brushed aluminum parts in this case black, like the engine, the exhaust or RIMS and comes in two colors: black and bright fatally very purpose and a matte grey more questionable given the denomination. Declines “not black”, with its ubiquitous chrome, intensify even more the retro side and exchange between 11.900 and 12,200 € depending on the chosen colours. Clear, the Bonneville is raises serious range, both from the side of the engine that in its price. But against this widely revised approval on the upside, this team provides at least that do not have mentioned the wide arc of grip of the passenger or the convenient main grandstand and quite exceptional finish level, are not so little to complain… we can even rejoice to see the arrival soon of other variations which incorporate the basics of this T120 , Scrambler or a float type, however some stolen images are already circulating on the Internet, in addition to standard Thruxton and R.

Test Verdict and Judgment

The legend of Bonneville ensures an auspicious future with this version 2016. His promotion of grade, very prominent by its excellent liquid cooled twin 1200, makes serious matter no doubt the rate of climb, but their value in new services is really worth. Therefore, if the previous generation lacked personality deeply mechanical, this twenty-first century T120 makes things clear and which has already been announced as future business success. Bravo, win!

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