Norton Sports a English Brand Bike

With an illustrious past that navigate by brand of English and a range focuses mainly on a command that has everything a neo-retro, Norton does not actually play in the field of sports. At least not yet. In fact the situation is about to change after the participation of the brand of the last editions of the trophy of tourism thanks to a machine using a V4 Aprilia block and especially the upcoming launch of a 100% in-house sports mentioned that a year ago and this is the first drawing.

Norton Sports a English Brand Bike

Norton has developed its own 1200cc V4, which takes place in a tubular aluminum frame. A machine that will be assembled by hand in its plant of Donington and presented to the public in the NEC of the motorcycle in live in November. Is expected that the first deliveries in the middle of 2017 with an Edition limited of 200 copies. Norton today give their all new bike V4, with the new 1200 cc engine and tubular aluminum Norton frame, all bicycles are to be built at the Donington Hall factory hand.
The bike will be unveiled publicly for the first time at the NEC motorcycle show live in the United Kingdom in November 2016. With deliveries scheduled in mid-2017.
Norton are taking the investigations for qui V4 will start with 200 limited edition model. For your interest please follow the link to the Norton website here;

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