Honda Dominator scrambler Bikes OSB Soul

The world of motorcycles preparations is very, very large and can find different styles for different types of motorcycles and even for the same bike and now it’s fashionable are the Café-racer and scrambler, there are two new styles with strong retro coloring available in market, if you want to live, it must be accompanied by a proper wardrobe.

Honda Dominator scrambler Bikes OSB Soul

Basis of these preparations there for all tastes and colors, but it is true that some models are used more than others because they are easier to turn or a lower acquisition cost. The Honda Dominator, this single track of harmless-looking cylinder are favorite databases and an example of preparation of quality on this basis is this OSB / 1 soul Bikes OSB made with lots of style and attention to detail.

Honda NX 650 Dominator that shook all plastics and received for mechanical K & N air filters, but maintains its original escapes, which is rare in the preparations. In addition to different parts of the industry auxiliary to give this retro touch like the lighthouse, pilots, etc. Domi has reduced the size of his front wheel of 18 inches in diameter, he changed the plastic tank by a NSR 75 seat by a more shoes vintage and has one of the Michelin tires very tacos.

There more changes to let the same Uncover, but it should be noted the good taste of the OSB to create a bike well enough without going to the facility to make drastic and costly changes.

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