Honda X – ADV New Versatile Scooter 2017 

Throughout its history, Honda has been characterized as manufacturers of motorcycle that broke new ground with a few concepts of two-wheelers through its financial strength. This tradition will be continued in 2016 EICMA Milan 8-13 November with the introduction of the Honda X-ADV 2017.

honda-x adv 2017

This is the name chosen for the hybrid model between maxi scooter and cycle track inspired by the Honda City Adventure.


So far, the Japanese manufacturer has just released two official name and photos cannot see too much of the model. What are the guidelines to date:

  • Upright driving position.
  • display adjustable in 5 positions.
  • Suspension long travel on dirt roads.
  • Space for a helmet off road type.
  • Change series DCT dual clutch.


In short a versatile bike for many uses, you can have your market now that it is worth many seeking the bike a little bit for all.

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